sunburst potholder & bursts of beauty

A burst of sun is an almost every day occurrence for us here in the summertime. And when we drive around, we see bursts of sunflowers in gardens everywhere!

Using this book Kitchen Basics in Cotton -- which I have used before -- I crocheted another potholder. This time using colors that remind me of sunbursts & sunflowers.

Young Girl Crocheting by Bouguereau--1889
And then I found this gorgeous painting, Young Girl Crocheting and it instantly took my breath away. Ahhh. The colors. And she appears so content & satisfied with just thread & hook in hand.

I used a G hook and Sugar 'n Cream from Lily.


And then this, I must share!

I received a email from Bia from Sew You Can Fiber Arts Center. Her poignant email struck such a chord in me because she is passionate -- and I mean passionate with a capital P! -- about sharing her love for sewing with the youth of today. One of the groups that she works with made the fabric flowers that I shared here on my blog -- oh, my GrAnna would just be amazed at the desire to make these flowers that were named after her.

A Girl Sewing in an Orchard by Edmund Charles Tarbell 1891 -- purses & hats made by the SEW YOU CAN girls

So when I picture my grandma & young girls sewing (and yes, I found another painting--A Girl Sewing in an Orchard -- that depicts this simple love of handwork) I realize that yes, indeed! this profound love of needlework is being passed down to further generations....and that is truly a burst of beauty, isn't it?

Thanks, Bia. For knowing that & sharing that.


Evelyn said...

Great job, congratulations!

willywagtail said...

Yes it is beautiful. I am always delighted to find ones of the next generation who have the same fun from these crafts that we do. Cherrie

Meggie said...

Lovely pot holder! I am a little disappointed that my granddaughter is not interested in hand crafts.
She was when she was little, so perhaps she will return to it, when she is older.

RG said...

Dawn, thanks for sharing more of your lovely creations and what a great thing to inspire and share with the next generations of crafters and sew-ers. Hugs!!!!!
Robyn xx

PS Love your new header..well new to me anyhoo :p

Ivory Spring said...

Oh, this is so sunny looking! It brings a smile to my face!

Hope you are having a good day...

Anonymous said...

I love your potholder.. you're right, it's so lovely and bright. My grandmother taught me what she knew about crochet. It wasn't a lot because she too was learning at the time. I've recently picked it up again and am now trying hard to learn all that I can. It's so very relaxing. I just love it.

Tino said...

So cute, love the colors!
Wish you a nice weekend :)

Tzugumi said...

You are my potholder queen!!!!

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

Darling potholder! That one's sure to bring some sunshine into any kitchen. You do such beautiful work - makes me happy just to look at it. Love those paintings, too!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

That is such a happy potholder. I am thrilled that the trend today with girls is to want to learn these crafts. I have renewed hope that knitting, crocheting and sewing are going to go on for a long time! Twyla

Philippe Rissetto said...

I thank you very much for your link toward Un Cœur en Provence, I'm very flattered.
So I linked your blog here : "Mes lectrices"
Best wishes.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous. I am currently working on this potholder but am somewhat stumped at step #7 when the twisting starts. Any suggestions or visuals? Any help would be appreciated.

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Miss jane said...


Sandy said...

ok I gotta get that book and get busy....love the potholders! Fabulous!
from Love ya to stitches....

Cleideeflores.com said...

Deus abençoe estas maos teus trabalho sao lindos manda traduçao para mim bjs

Cleideeflores.com said...
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Martha's Blog said...

I would like to purchase this pattern.