There is certain vibrant charge to the air when spring seems to be nearing.  

A newness.  A deep, strengthening sigh.  A feeling of ahhhhhh....

I love that feeling.  And walking through the house with the sun's warmth through the windows, I start to visualize all that spring entails.

For starters, what's certainly needed are spring-like potholders. 

More specifically -- ones that will help usher in spring with their cuteness & quaintness.

From here:
(this book can be purchased as a download here.)

....the perfect spring-like potholder.

This is Henrietta.

She was sooooooo easy & quick to crochet & I used my g hook & Lily Sugar 'n Cream yarn.


Hopefully spring does indeed arrive soon (and that nasty weatherman has got it all wrong with his forecast of 8 in. of snow by Wednesday morning.....)


a treasure in tatting

This pillowcase is a treasure that I recently found at the thrift store.  Minus the edging.

(btw--when I see items like this with $.25 price tag attached it is such a bittersweet feeling --- sweet because it is now in my possession, but bitter because the time & love that must have gone into embroidering this pillowcase...well, it is a shame that it ended up tossed in a bargain bin at the local thrift store.)

And since I have been practicing with this tatted 'swatch' of edging

that I found in this book from Annie's Attic:

I knew this edging would look so splendid on the pillowcase. 

In pink!

So I tatted & tatted & tatted inches and inches of pink edging for this pillow; attached it by hand-sewing it with needle & thread right to the very edge of the pillowcase.

Such a lovely treasure.