a chocolate, blue bird coffee cozy

A chocolate, blue bird coffee cozy.

I needed a new coffee cozy for my french press coffee maker.  

So I made a paper template out of scrap paper just by

- holding the paper up to the carafe - 
- measuring it - 
- folding it - 
- penciling it - 
and then simply just cutting out a basic shape to serve as my pattern.

And then ~ I got out my g hook and started crocheting row after row of simple sc until it matched the height of my paper template.  

Notice the little piece I crocheted to the right ... that's where the buttons will go.
Now to dress this up, I figured a cute little cross-stitch pattern would be adorable.

I found this blue bird pattern here.

Using scrap yarn and a tapestry needle I cross-stitched directly onto each 'square' of each single crochet stitch.

Such a perfect combination ...

coffee, crochet & cross-stitch.


the best easter egg pattern

More crocheted Easter eggs.

I have crocheted Easter eggs before.

But I like this pattern better.

Once crocheted -- they are fuller on the bottom and narrower on top.

More like an actual egg.

And so easy! ~ they whip up  f a s t.

Just think.  A 10 minute crochet egg.


easter marshmallow bunnies

Cutest pattern.  Ever!

If you're looking for marshmallow bunnies.

I found it here.


tulip bucket bag

If you remember these granny squares, I was befuddled as to what I found do with them.


How 'bout a bucket bag? 

A tulip bucket bag.

When I saw this pattern for the crochet tulips I knew it had to be part of this bucket bag. 

 I can not tell  you how much I love, LOVE,  L O V E this tulip border!

After joining the granny squares, I started using the same color yarn to add height to this bucket bag with just simple double and crochet rounds.

Then single crocheting a simple cord with white yarn, I threaded it between the tulip stems to form a draw cord.

Now something for the inside.  To stabilize it more. 

I started scrounging thru my scraps of fabric, and laid fabric piece after fabric piece next to the crochet bucket bag.  Settling on the blue gingham & red polka-dot fabric, I fashioned a lining.

(Just a tiny note ---> this is just measure, cut and sew as best as I can.  Please don't ask for a pattern -- because honestly! -- there isn't any.  I just eye-balled it; half-way measured it; closed my eyes; cut; sewed; said many a prayer; and viola...a lining!)

It turned out way cuter than I thought it would.