sugar'n cream flower power rug

Flower power.

Ahhhh---that phrase always conjures up Marcia Brady -- who I wanted to be when I grew up. She was groovy. Her clothes were groovy and oh, man! I faithfully watched the Brady Brunch whenever it was on prime-time TV. And today? Well, of course, we own the DVD series and I can watch it all of the time.

Anyway, when I saw this rug on the Lily's Sugar'n Cream website, it brought back that flower-power-I-wanna-be-just-like-marcia-brady-feeling & I knew I had to make it.

The flower block is easy and I lOvE the dimensional effect of each petal.
I used my G hook and of course, the Sugar'n cream crochet thread in their gorgeous, groovy (ahem) colors.

Oh, ya. A pretty groovy rug.

And yes, my kids hate it when I say groovy....


'That's just so cheezy, Mom.'


strappy & oh, so colorful


Who knew straps could just bring it all together.

This is my Oda Bag.

And after weaving in & snipping about 40 million little ends.....

....I got this super-delightful, colorful carry-all


...'Cool! Can you make me one?!' response from our soon-to-be-senior daughter.

Solveig's tutorial is so straightforward -- okay, so I did glean a little help from the kids as to how this all went together. (Puzzles/geometric shapes just freeze me up every time. Think freshman algebra & yes! eyes glazed over when faced with putting a puzzle together....)

But now that is all done -- I just simply love it.


i heart grannies


There is something simply so endearing about a crocheted granny square that -- ohhhh, I don't know -- it just delights me to no end.



And since I am forever browsing this book & loving every motif that she has designed, I had to whip up Edie Eckman's motif #30 from her super-duper-gotta-have-this-book:



I used scraps & leftovers from my yarn stash and came up with this color palette.


Love the way the colors just seem to pop, but in a very quiet, whimsical sort of way.

Whenever my day strays toward uncontrollalbe chaos -- yes, that does happen a lot -- I just picture these blocks in my mind or sometimes quickly run over to the ottoman to just look & behold how just a piece of yarn can make something so soothing to look at.

Crazy, I know. But you know -- my husband gets that faraway gleam in his eye when looking at John Deere tractors -- but me...

...it's that unexplainable-gotta-do-it-passion-can't-begin-to-explain-it-to-my-husband (think John Deere, dear) to recreate what both my grandmas did so many years ago.
Yes, I really do heart grannies.