so girly

So girly for my teen girl. She wanted a little bag to carry her essentials. You know...cell-phone, pencils, iPod & lip moisturizer.
Now that she has turned 13.

And Chloe, the cross-stitch girl from this Meet the Girls cross-stitch pattern book looked so much like her that I added her as an embellishment.

Crocheting some very easy & simple flowers to add some more embellishment...

...using all of her favorite colors.

Hmmm. Wonder if you could make a baseball one for a boy who just received a Nintendo DS for an early birthday present.....


calico eggs & bunny

When your threadwork becomes unraveled, you simply re-sew, re-thread or re-crochet any stitches that have come undone. However -- when life seems to unravel at an amazing speed, you sometimes simply stand there.
I've been standing. And leaning. And trying to restitch.

Thank goodness for a husband with huge shoulders.

And yes, we are now seeing brighter days -- hey! No one told me raising a teen-age daughter involved so many heart-wrenching decisions.....

Now--there is stitching to be done!......

Ahhhh. Yes. I can not forget to thank you lovely blogirl-friends who expressed concern about my absence! A virtual hug to you. xxoo

The pattern for these calico eggs & bunny is from a book that my great-aunt was throwing away. And I don't even have the book, just these few pattern pages from the book. Ugh, I know!

The egg is so very easy and quick to sew.

And the bunny -- so, so cute!

Eggs-actly what I needed.