summer rosette

The color of summer = vibrant shades of watermelon ...in thread!

This yummy thread is Lizbeth from Handy Hands.  Size 10  #628 Salmon Med & #679 Lime Green.

And the gorgeous, tatted rosette pattern is from Jon at Tat-a-Renda.

So while the kids are in the pool & the dogs and I are lazily lounging in the shade...

...there is tatting to be done.

I'm not sure if I have developed a full-blown problem, but I find myself needing to keep my hands busy with some sort of thread work.  And I mean ---> constantly! there must be some sort of yarn or thread passing through my fingers or I start to get physically fidgety in my chair.

This drives.my.husband.nuts. 

But seriously!  Since his John Deere tractor quells an/all sorts of jitters for him...

...well, honey?!...

Thread does it for me.