seeing stars

As much as I do not like the bombardment of Christmas before Thanksgiving has even arrived, I do know that if I want to get anything accomplished before that holiest of holidays arrives, I had better get going on some Christmas items.

And so I am tatting stars.  The pattern is from my Aunt Mae who found it in a pile of tatting patterns from my grandma. 

Yup.  It truly warms my heart like you cannot believe that I am doing an exact pattern that once flew off my grandma's shuttle, too.  

The size 10 thread is from here. (Love their speedy service -- phew!.....it seemed like I hit ENTER for my order and 'wheee!' the package was already in our mailbox!)

Ornaments for the tree...

...or I am even thinking of lovely little package toppers for the many gifts that family and friends will receive this year.