tail feathers

Our son loves baby chicks. In fact, when picking out his guinea pig from the pet store, he picked a tiny, soft, yellow guinea pig that when held in our hands was as soft & downy as a baby chick. He even chose the name, Baby Chick for his guinea pig.

And since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I'm going to crochet little critters for our 3 kids.

This oh, so cute pattern for this tiny bird is in the Jan. issue of Crochet Today.

So easy & so adorable!

I used Caron yarn in Soft Mint.

This yarn is by far, my most favorite to use. It is soooooooo soft & silky, the tactile experience of using this yarn is -- better than therapy. A very much within my budget.

Now. The girls will get some cute crochet critters too. I searching for a an adorable pattern for a horse & a giraffe......


show some sewing love pt. 2

(ahem...no peeking, Harley!)

Hearts, cupcakes & puppies. Just the thought of all 3 of them conjures up 'sewing love' in some way or another.

This is part 2 of Dandelion Quilt's, Show Some Sewing Love swap.

The flowery, brown fabric looked so delicious -- like chocolate frosting on a cupcake -- that I just had to make a cupcake to go with her tiny heart quilt.


The cupcake pattern is from this yummy, yummy book.


Said with a content smile -->'Definitely showing some sewing love.' I'm hoping she can feel that when she receives it.


showing some sewing love

(Disclaimer: If your name is Harley ---> Stop reading now.....
you'll ruin the surprise...)
I am participating in Dandelion Quilts

Show Some Sewing Love Swap

and this is what is on my 'design table' for that swap.
What begins as a blank canvas turns
into -penciled in- ideas

& sewn paper-pieced blocks.

Add small stitches of embroidery

& those 3 simple blocks turn into
a kitty-approved wall-hanging.
(Fabric is bits & pieces from my stash -- mostly Hobby Lobby yardage
& the paper-pieced block patterns come from


simple cabin quilt

This quilt adorned the wall of a tiny, tiny cabin that we were able to 'walk through' on our vacation.
Although --the entire space of the cabin was no larger than our living room -- so I doubt this constitutes as a 'walk through".

But the quilt. It caught my breath when I saw it hanging on the log wall. Such simple colors, but so vivid with the contrast of the red & white fabrics.

And oh! Those hand-quilted stitches. It made me positively speechless. The lighting was poor as we stood there and I just have to wonder about the woman who undoubtedly completed a strenuous, chore-ridden day -- only to sit in the dimly lit cabin to make this quilt with her tender, meticulous stitches.