block & mesh

Filet crochet. Yup, I've looked at the different patterns in the many crochet books that I have, many, many times-- but never wanted to even attempt it. Too hard. And the diagrams---yikes! who could follow that?!
Then I stumbled upon this book:

Wow. Wow. Wow. Not only is this beautiful, but the diagrams are so easy to follow. I chose the Diamond Lattice pattern (rated beginner) and love the feel of seeing this come to life with just single crochet and double crochet blocks and meshes.

The patterns in this book are so lovely!
A very TODAY feel to the blocks but still relying on that wonderful, pervasive power of the past---which I love so much!

Oh, my. Aren't they gorgeous?!
Now to get hooking so I can see this Diamond Lattice come to life.


4 square

I used to be a kindergarten & art teacher but I had to step aside from that vocation for the time being. Having 3 children and a career caused me to 'have way too much on my plate'---I was basically a 'chicken running around with her head cut-off' trying to do everything for everybody. My husband suffered. My children suffered. My students suffered. And I suffered. So I am relishing, yes, RELISHING this period of my life that I am able to stay home and run a house of 5 people.....but oh, where was I?.... ....ahhh, yes....as a teacher I loved watching the children take chalk and draw 4 squares on the blacktopped playground to play ' 4 Square'. This pattern reminds me of that playful game. Each square of fabric represents 4 different & unique childen.
These 4 squares meet up in the middle of this wall-hanging that I am slooooooooowly starting to get finished.
And celebrating Easter with my husband's family tomorrow will certainly see me trying to get this done while we are sitting around wondering if the kids will ever find all of the eggs Grandma hid. And will they be found in one day? Or will we laugh so hard when one is found this coming Christmas under a cushion in the sofa...or behind the cereal box in the cupboard....

Happy Easter.....

...to all of you very favorite, lovely friends!



Well...guess what's bloomin' here? No, not any flowers in our flower beds. Yet. Those are coming!

But this is what has finally bloomed--
Truth be told--tying off each flower got to be very tiresome. Very tiresome. I think I started to dream about them in my sleep.
But now that it is all done---phew!......a huge sigh because it certainly turned out to be as wonderful as that 1949 booklet said it would be.


simplicity of a border

I read this in the newspaper yesterday:

Amid the deafening modern whir of electronic devices, "it" bags, McMansions, reality TV and celebrity hijinks, something else has emerged: a craving for simplicity.
Ahhhh. Simplicity. I love that word and everything that it conjures up. And who knew that just by adding a simple border to a simple block could conjure up a more beautiful block?
I was 'pleased as punch' when I started sewing this gorgeous olive print to this otherwise Chubby Robin block. It took some of the cartoonish quality of the block and made it seem more 'put together.'

Adding the butter-cream yellow to the blue fabric was a last minute thought, but seeing it now I am so glad that it came out looking like this. This block is turning out to be my favorite.
Now it's off to the fabric store to buy more simple fabric for the remaining 2 applique blocks.
Okay, how do quilt this wall-hanging? Hand-quilt? Machine-quilt? And what type of pattern do I use? Echo? Stipple? An actual design, such as a flower, geometric design? Help! The possibilities have got me drawing a blank.......
I look forward to reading your ideas & suggestions!


1980's facelift

I have a bare spot on the wall in our hall and it needs some sort of wall-hanging.

Here is the first block that I am working on for that wall-hanging. I want a somewhat folk-art feeling to the small quilt and just used iron-on fusible for each piece and button-hole stitched to finish off the edges.

The pattern came from a book I found from the thrift store---an applique album quilt with a 1980's copyright.

Obviously the 80's involved quilts being verrrrrrrry puffy and ruffly....and not exactly my kind of color scheme.
So I pulled colors from fabrics I like and put together this block called Tulip Time:
And this block which is called, Peaceful Dove (and yes, with the colors I chose, mine is more of a Chubby Robin....)

And this one, which I love, is called Tulip Ring:

A nice face-lift for a beautiful block. I even find myself back-tracking when I walk past this when it's just sitting there my table waiting to be finished----wow. A timeless pattern that is still so desirable.


bold & beautiful

The bag that I was asked to make is finished!......and looks very bold and according to my teen & tween--'beautiful'.
However, I'm not so sure the deep snow that still covers our front yard is beautiful. Here is our son buried up to his knees. And it's March??!! Yup, the calendar says it is, but good golly, I'm not so sure the weather is up to snuff with the actual spring that is supposedly just around the corner.
It took me a long time to figure out how to do this front 'patch' that also serves as a pocket. For some reason I couldn't picture how each strip would come to a point and meet exactly at center. After ripping a few seams it came out like this:

It has huge pockets in the interior (but lack of light prevented me from taking a good photo of them) for cell phone, iPod, pens, make-up, etc...and is nice and roomy to be a catch-all for all of those girly things we girls tend to carry.
And now it gets shipped off to my sister-in-law, Beth who will auction it off at her yearly fund-raiser.