motif #109

This is motif #109 from a favorite book of mine:

This adorable block involves edc(extended double crochet) and a leaning tower stitch and a partial leaning tower stitch ~which I have never done before~ but! it gives the block a unique, stacked stitch that is really quite easy to do (and nope - I will not share the pattern...Seriously! get this book! It is a must-buy-for-your-crochet-shelf!)

I am just using scraps of yarn & a G hook.

And having learned from past granny square making...

....I am weaving the ends of all those color changes as I finish each block.

Because waiting until the end when you stacks & stacks of blocks ...

Um. Not a good thing.


bamboo + balm = beret


Relief in the form of a knitted beret.

Using this delicious pattern:  a fetching ladies beret 

And this yarn:  Petal Effervesce Yarn

I knit this.

I  K N I T  this.    

Y E S.   K  N  I  T    I  T!  

With nary a complaint!  

Thanks to bamboo needles (which I must hold differently than other needles) & applying a thin layer of this soothing balm to my offending elbow.

It has helped!

And now my daughter has a much-wanted, fetching ladies beret.