bootiful + 3 more

A wee bit addicting, yes.
That is to say -- crocheting these simply sweet halloween amigurumi from Lion Brand Yarn.

I couldn't stop with just the ghost, spider, pumpkin & witch hat....

...I just had to crochet the bat, owl (btw---I added ears to the owl -- the pattern does not call for them, but our daughter was convinced he looked like a giant, green bug w/o them.) and of course, the cutie-patootie mummy. 
Don't you just love those bandages?! 
So fun to make and honestly! -- winding & attaching the crocheted strip around his head was such a hoot.


A bootiful & adorable collection, I must say.



These amigurumi are so bootiful --- they just tickle my funny bone!

Okay.  They are beyond cute & adorable and the patterns can be found here.  And bonus--> they only take a smidgen of scrap yarn and a H hook.

I just loooooooooove the instant gratification of working up these tiny little things.

Easy on the stitches & easy on the time.

But HuGe on the cute-ibility factor.


berry to the rescue

Instead of being 'berry to the rescue' this post should be entitled: 'curse of the crocheted garment'.
Yes, I am cursed.
(And I am saying that entirely in jest, of course.)
But what else could explain my inability to crochet a garment?!  If you know me, I have grandiose ideas & beginnings for beautiful-steal-your-breath-away (ahem. see previous post.....) garments and I either

1 .get stuck and have to rip out the stitches
or I
2. get stuck and have to rip out the entire garment
    not once; not twice; but about 5,000,000 times
    to the point where I just want
    to hurl the entire project out the window set the project aside until a later date.
Okay.  So the progress on my Dragonfly Shawl is not going well.  It has almost resulted in me shedding tears -- I keep adding/losing stitches and rows and......oh, man!......the yarn is so beautiful & fragile.....I hate to see it being ripped back again & again & again & again & again.....
So, berry to the rescue!

Nothin' like a little strawberry coaster to soothe the 'I-can't-do-this' beast that seems to have taken up residence in my house.

Quick & easy.
From this delicious book that I was so excited to receive from Di Pais at Christmas time.

This worked up so quickly that I am quite sure that I can get 4 of them done

w/o any tears,
w/o hurling through any windows, or
w/o the sound of stitches being ripped back.

I used a size 5 hook and size 3 crochet thread and just love the look of the FPdc stitch that makes up the body of the berry.  And with the 'lacy' edging that is simply a shell stitch -- it was a delight to do.

Berry good for my almost --Took Up Anything but Crochet moment. 

...and please tell me that you all have moments just like this!