<3's for Lin

I have 'met' a beautiful lady, Lin and she is making me a sweet quilt and I -- in turn -- made this 12' x 12' quilt for her.
We had to somehow incorporate hearts in our quilt and I pulled this 'theme' from a girl's shirt that was on the cover of a flyer for school clothes that came in our local newspaper. I added off-white embroidery swirls to highlight the khaki background fabric.

And seeing knotgarden's glorious flowers (oh! you must go & take a look!) that she has featured on her beautiful blog, I decided to include a flower for Lin & crocheted this mum. Now, it's all boxed up and headed off for a very loooooooooooong plane ride. Destination: Thailand.
Enjoy the <3's, Lin!


simple bird

~I heard a bird at break of day
Sing from the autumn trees
A song so mystical and calm,
So full of certainties,
No man, I think, could listen long
Except upon his knees;
Yet, this was but a simple bird,
Alone, among the trees.~
William Alexander Percy 1885-1942

This simple bird, hand-embroidered with appliqued flowers is now done. Phew. Took a bit longer than I had anticipated, but coupled with the yellow cabbage rose fabric -- I am SO pleased at how it turned out.

The bag itself was quite easy to sew. But thank goodness for the drawings because I am not someone who can just follow the written word. Draw it out for me and you got yourself one happy lady.

The inside of this bag is that aprony goodness that my GrAnna would have made and worn. Obviously no more explanation why that fabric went into this bag. Just one tiny draw-back about this bag -- it is too small for me to use. I tend to use a purse the size of a suitcase. My husband just looooooooooooves that.

But my girls DO like the smallness of it. And especially the wonky way the handle slides into the other handle as the closure. I just love the colors, the texture of the embroidery and the eclectic choice of fabrics. We'll see how well it does in the bag challenge.


Edit: Dandy will have our pics loaded for the bag challenge by this weekend. You can go to All People Quilt and take a look at the bags.