well, hello dolly

There is no age limit to dolls, is there?

My girls may be in their teens, but I know they share in the same love I do for a doll.

So with my g hook & oodles of leftovers from my stash of yarn...

...I got busy with crocheting a doll.

The pattern is from an old magazine that my great-aunt Bertha was tossing.  I don't even remember the name of the magazine, but knew without a doubt I had to add this pattern to my crochet library.

And how cute can a pattern be when it comes with accessories?  Cape, beret and hatbox.  Oh, my!...just the description of them warrants a need/desire to make them!

Once I saw how adorable this whole ensemble worked out (and because I was flitting thru the house practically dancing with her) my older daughter just wanted me to stop dancing also wanted a doll.

In her color scheme.

With of course, the cape, beret & hatbox.

And here she is.

I changed up the face and hair. And if you know a great tutorial for adding yarn hair, please let me know!  This was a bit of a hit-and-miss with me. (read ---> an almost disaster.)

Regardless of maybe needing to improve the hair, I am pleased with how cute they both turned out.


fat cat ~ tatted.

I tatted a fat cat.

Mainly, because I have a fat cat.

And because I thought the pattern was adorable.  You can find the cat pattern here

And the tatted border is from here.

I used a glue stick to adhere scrap fabric to foam-core. Then using that same glue stick, I adhered the tatted elements.  A little bit of yellow ric-rac hot glued to the outside edge...

...and I have a fat cat ~ tatted.