Christmas clothespin angels

Christmas is almost here.

And when something as simple as a clothespin can become a Christmas angel...

...well, it must be made.

The pattern for these adorable angels is from here:

And I just love how easy these were to crochet and to keep it even simpler, I opted not to add the halo or wings.

Size 10 crochet thread & my size 7 hook -- along with clothespins (of course) and you have the makings for so many cute Christmas angel ornaments.

...oh. This?
Our son's ornaments.
Ninja style.  Or Tron style --- so he informs me.  Not exactly the darling & whimsical that I was going after...

But when I was trying to come up with the different color combinations for the frilly dresses...well, I felt as if I were designing originals for these tiny, wooden angels.

So perfect as we celebrate this season of angels proclaiming glad tidings of great JOY.


dressy towel

This cute towel topper all started here...
...at an art & craft show that our daughter was showing at.  A warm & wonderful woman next to her booth was selling the most delightful  c*r*o*c*h*e*t*e*d  items.

Oh, just imagine the cutest projects!  And all crocheted!?..


Crocheted ornaments, hotpads, dishcloths, hangars and towels that were made to look like kitchy dresses.  

And everyone was just swarming her booth, swooping up all of her wares.  I was entranced (and yes! I stared shamelessly) at the way she just beamed as people purchased her dearly crocheted items.

So, as soon as there was a lull, my daugher & I poured over her stuff too and I bought her adorable snowman towel.

I love these towel toppers so much I knew I had to make some and began hunting down a pattern that was a bit like the one she had made. 

I was a bit confused by some of the directions I found, so I just studied (and studied.and studied.and studied.) my snowman towel topper instead and came up with this dressy towel topper.

I am off to the store to buy out their selection of Christmas towels.

Can you just imagine how many of these you could make for everyone?...


seeing stars

As much as I do not like the bombardment of Christmas before Thanksgiving has even arrived, I do know that if I want to get anything accomplished before that holiest of holidays arrives, I had better get going on some Christmas items.

And so I am tatting stars.  The pattern is from my Aunt Mae who found it in a pile of tatting patterns from my grandma. 

Yup.  It truly warms my heart like you cannot believe that I am doing an exact pattern that once flew off my grandma's shuttle, too.  

The size 10 thread is from here. (Love their speedy service -- phew!.....it seemed like I hit ENTER for my order and 'wheee!' the package was already in our mailbox!)

Ornaments for the tree...

...or I am even thinking of lovely little package toppers for the many gifts that family and friends will receive this year.


falling back

I'm falling back on the familiar.

That is -- crochet.

And yes, I am still working on knitting those delicious aquamarine socks, but the progress is slow.  So slow that I wondered if it would be better if I would just hang up my knitting needles.  But then I saw Knit & Crochet Now! and they were interviewing Jean Leinhauser (who has since passed away) and I was s.t.u.n.n.e.d. to hear her say that it took her 20 years to get the hang of crochet!

What!?...This woman is the queen of crochet...and it took her 20 years to get the hang of it? 

Yikes.  I usually give up after 20 minutes of trying something and not getting it.

So, I have silently smacked myself upside the head properly chastised myself for wanting to give up so quickly -- and to say I am inspired & motivated by her is the understatement of the year. 

And no, my needles are not in hiding and even if it takes me.....say....20 years....I will knit those socks.

But in the mean time, the crisp autumn days are upon us and are truly a welcome! 

And that change in temperature also brings the realization that the cold weather brings about some muddy boots and shoes. 

So we need a smallish rug that will not take up a lot of room in our somewhat smallish entry way, and since my husband is under the yearly impression that a huge, black, industrial sized rubber mat (the one he picks out is usually bigger than a football field and almost weighs as much) somehow completes the decor in our entry way...

...well, I disagree and quickly got to work with my N hook, purchased some Lion Brand Thick & Quick Wool-Ease in Wheat and with a simple pattern of

*sc, dc* 

...repeated that for this nice textured, wheaty pattern.

A perfect place for boot & shoes.  And so much smaller than a football field.


it finally clicked...well, sort of

My unhealthy obsession with trying to knit a pair of socks has actually come to fruition.

With my undying gratitude to Andi for pushing/coaxing/cheering me on --- this is what I have been doing...

Knitting socks!

It has been slooooooooooooooooooooooooooow going.  And I do mean s.l.o.w.

I don't know if it is because I am so used to a hook in my hand and watching each crocheted stitch fall away neatly onto a row, but when I see all of those stitches that I have just knit or purled held captive on a needle w/o ever being let off ---- well, for some reason (yes, you can insert the word crazy here) the stitches feel trapped to me.

And then when I make a mistake in these socks (and there have been a lot of them) I can't for the life of me figure out how to fix the mistake.  A mistake in crochet is easily fixable --- but holey moley, a mistake in knitting is unintelligable for me.  Completely scratch-my-head-what-in-the-heck-do-I-do-now?! feeling.

But the yarn is gorgeous.  Not only in color but also the feeling of it in my fingers is yarn therapy.  Truly.

The directions are clear & concise.  Oh, so easy for the average Knitting Joe.  But for me?  I feel as if I am learning a new language.

And it doesn't help that perimenopause is knocking at my door.  And that is door I do.not.want.to.open "Wrong house!" I seriously want to yell. 

My very funny sister knows this unwelcome guest is darkening my doorway, so of course! -- she sends this supportive-cheer-me-up birthday card.....

So much for supportive sisters (ahem.) and I'll just get my therapy in the form of yarn, thank you.


puffy flowers

I love these.

Truly, truly can't stop looking at them or picking them up for that matter.

The pattern is from Eclectic Gipsyland & she has the most amazing tutorial for making these.

I just can't get over...

 the color

 the vividness  

& of course, the puffiness of each flower.

I think I have the makings for the perfect coffee cosy.

btw --- I am experiencing sort of glitch when trying to post comments on your blogs.  For some reason I am unable to do this & just short of tossing the computer out the window  I am getting some techie-support so I can once again comment on all of your loveliness.



Writing in the sand.  Walking in the sand. 

And of course! the color of sand comes to my mind when I start another doily. 

The hook I am using is a size 7 and the thread is Aunt Lydia's Mushroom Bamboo Crochet Thread  and seriously! -- just about as soft as sand.

So while our kids and Bear romped on the sandy beach of Lake Michigan, my husband & I sat quietly and watched.

And enjoyed the sound of waves, laughter and just plain nothing-ness.

There aren't many times when we can simply enjoy the sound of nothing-ness so when those times do come, we embrace them.

And that truly sums up why enjoy the feel of crochet running through my fingers.  It is that same quietness that can see some amazing results!

The pattern is from an out-of-date Magic Crochet (Oct. 1999 - Number 122) and is called Jumbo Edelweiss.  And it will be a whopping 31 inches when completed!

Oooo.  And this?....

I can barely catch my breath!

I received this from one of the funniest, most thoughtful blogirl-friends I have ever had the pleasure of 'meeting'.  She is Andi from here and I love her for so many reasons....the biggest one?  She believes in my ability to make something out of this most delicious yarn. 

I can't say what.


Only because I would put a gigantic curse on myself  okay, I don't actually believe that! but every time I have attempted this ---> I.have.failed.miserably.

But thanks to the generosity & faith of one fine friend....who knows?  This might actually be do-able.

Even for me.


pretty petals redo

Falling in love with this pattern: Pretty Petals Potholder  my mind started swirling for ways to embrace a bit of a redo.

Redo #1:  pretty petals become a pretty petal ring.

Redo #2:  pretty petals become a pretty petals headband.

Redo #3:  a tiny hole in my favorite bedspread becomes non-existent with a pretty petals cover-up

And now? 

Well, I think I will crochet the actual potholder.


blue velvet & sunshine

Yes.  Another one.

From the same book as my last doily.  This one is called:  Blue Velvet.

Gorgeous pineapples (to which I seem quite enamoured with lately) but for some reason this has come out waaaaaaaaaaaay smaller than the finished 34 inches stated in the pattern. 

I never check gauge on a doily --- if it calls for size 10 thread and size 7 steel hook, I know the end result will not be that much off.  But sheesh! the first 3 rnds were suppose to be almost 4 inches in diameter.  Really?  Just how big was that hook?  Or am I just the tightest crocheter in the world?

Needless to say it is still quite beautiful & flow-ey & blue velvety & it's. a. doily. ( And as much as my family thinks I am completely nuts for being in love with these things --- well, I am.)

Now about the sunshine. 

The uber-talented & inspirational Melissa (who, btw -- is instrumental with me getting this completed) gave me a bit of sunshine with this lovely award. 

Thank you, Melissa.  (You have no idea how grateful I am to you for keeping me focused!)

Part of winning this award is telling a little bit of myself.

How about with pictures?

Here is everything (well....almost everything) I adore:

And now I get to nominate 10 recipients of this sunshine award. 


I will give this same award to the first 10 who comment on this post....

1. Aisyah (my dearest of blogirl-friends who inspires/motivates/ & inspires me some more!)
2. Jane S. (who left such a lovely comment)
3. Cherrie (who has been w/ me since the beginning -- I adore her!)
4. Tammy (oh, my goodness! she finds beauty in the remotest of places!)
5. Penelope ( I Love her talent and projects -- and that's with a capital L!)
6. Charlotte (yard sales & crochet --- ok. what more is there?)
7Alessandra (beauty from Italy)
8. Anna (simply one of my favorites)
9. Ana Paula (gorgeous crochet that I covet admire deeply!) 
10. La Mañosa (if only, if only! I could have an ounce of her quilting skills!)

Okay, girls!  Grab your sunshine, tell us about yourselves and nominate 10 other gorgeously talented girls!

And thank you --- all of you!  Your blog-friendship is definite sunshine in my world.