Christmas clothespin angels

Christmas is almost here.

And when something as simple as a clothespin can become a Christmas angel...

...well, it must be made.

The pattern for these adorable angels is from here:

And I just love how easy these were to crochet and to keep it even simpler, I opted not to add the halo or wings.

Size 10 crochet thread & my size 7 hook -- along with clothespins (of course) and you have the makings for so many cute Christmas angel ornaments.

...oh. This?
Our son's ornaments.
Ninja style.  Or Tron style --- so he informs me.  Not exactly the darling & whimsical that I was going after...

But when I was trying to come up with the different color combinations for the frilly dresses...well, I felt as if I were designing originals for these tiny, wooden angels.

So perfect as we celebrate this season of angels proclaiming glad tidings of great JOY.


dressy towel

This cute towel topper all started here...
...at an art & craft show that our daughter was showing at.  A warm & wonderful woman next to her booth was selling the most delightful  c*r*o*c*h*e*t*e*d  items.

Oh, just imagine the cutest projects!  And all crocheted!?..


Crocheted ornaments, hotpads, dishcloths, hangars and towels that were made to look like kitchy dresses.  

And everyone was just swarming her booth, swooping up all of her wares.  I was entranced (and yes! I stared shamelessly) at the way she just beamed as people purchased her dearly crocheted items.

So, as soon as there was a lull, my daugher & I poured over her stuff too and I bought her adorable snowman towel.

I love these towel toppers so much I knew I had to make some and began hunting down a pattern that was a bit like the one she had made. 

I was a bit confused by some of the directions I found, so I just studied (and studied.and studied.and studied.) my snowman towel topper instead and came up with this dressy towel topper.

I am off to the store to buy out their selection of Christmas towels.

Can you just imagine how many of these you could make for everyone?...