a cherry tomato scarf

Our tomato plants are sagging under the weight of plump cherry tomatoes.  It is such a joy to walk out to the garden and see so many of them just waiting to be picked and eaten right there on the spot.

And when I am not in the garden, I have a hook, shuttle or knitting needles in my hands.  

As of late, it has been the needles that are occupying my time --- and trying to find something that is not too difficult, but something that grabs my attention.

And I found a pattern & just loved the way the stitch looked in the book.

The booklet is Variety is the Spice of Knitting & found while scrounging at the thrift store. It is missing some pages --- along with the cover --- but filled with over 100 patterns of super delightful knitted patterns.

And now that I actually finished this experiment of

"Wow!  I wonder if I can even knit that?!" 

it reminded me of the cherry tomatoes that seem to be taking over the garden.


I just love the intricacy of knitted lace and am completely floored that with just a few ssk & yo --- voila! you have knitted lace!  And then by repeating that same pattern over and over again, you have just made a scarf.

A cherry tomato scarf. 

Perfect for the approaching autumn season.