quilter's block

I know writers can experience 'writer's block'...

Writer's block is a phenomenon involving temporary loss of ability to begin or continue writing. ....but can quilters experience the same thing? Only it would be aptly called--'quilter's block'?
Regardless if there is such a phenomena---->I. know. I. have. it.
This is the next block of my Family Quilt and I am stuck. Stuck in not being able to move forward at all with this thing.
And I love cardinals and we have 'mom & dad' cardinals that live in our pine trees and they just seem to bless the very air with their melodic song. And it was because of that that I wanted this block to depict this feathered beauty. So maybe it's because he almost came out looking like a tough mascot for some thick-shouldered collegiate football team....I'm not sure. And maybe I need to just set it aside for now and come back to it later.

But whatever the case, this quilt is at a complete standstill. Ugh! Please tell me that you all experience this brief (please. let this be brief!) lapse in being able to readily complete some sort of quilting project that you have started. And that you do come back to it.
So as to not totally be sitting here with nothing to do (and to soothe that worrisome, little sing-song voice inside my head 'oh, no, why this total block in initiative?') I am bidding my time with making some crocheted hairpin lace.

And hoping that I get enlightened once again and can sit with needle & thread in hand to do more hand-applique on my quilt.


ooooh. red is my favorite color!

Actually red is not my favorite color. But it is my sister's---and she has been dropping some pretty broad hints since.....oh...'bout November when it was our other sister's birthday and then again at Christmas about getting a bag from me.
And yay!....she finally had her birthday and guess what she got?

Tada! A bag! And when picking out the fabric I did not intend to incorporate her favorite color but I loved, loved this flowery fabric and then had to walk through the fabric store for about 16 hours searching for that perfect complementary border/detachable flower fabric.

I then sneakily drove to her house. Deposited the wrapped parcel on her front doorstep. And sped away. When the phone rang later it was her calling to gush that she loooooooves that bag.
Happy birthday, sissie. Finally, huh?


going round 'n round

The summer days and nights go round 'n round in a predictable time of heat, play & rest.
And the going round 'n round of the crochet hook during those summer evening baseball games and the weekly violin lessons has finally produced this doily that didn't quite measure 33 1/2 inches but came awfully close.

The repetition of this stitching filled those tiny gaps during those just-sitting-there-moments. You know those moments that can only be filled with something that can be easily done. Easily grab-able. Something that travels so compactly in the bottom of my bag. And who cares if it gets a tiny bit smooshed midst the wallet, cell phone, iPod?
And it hit me (after about the 400th row....) that this is filet crochet. Because I always look for filet crochet in a square-ish project I didn't even see the filet pattern when first beginning this.

Light & airy. I have a huge smile when seeing these pics on this post. It is good to be back.
And now I have some catching up to do with visiting all of you and seeing what wonderful things you have been up to!


summertime is calling

Summertime is calling.
We will be poolside or lounging in the backyard midst the sounds of the evening bugs. Enjoying bike rides and roasting marshmallows around bonfires. I am embracing this break and will be back soon.