a doily with peacock thread

I am working on a doily with peacock thread.

Pattern and thread details to follow once I finish....


strawberry cupcake with a cherry on top

It is my sister-in-law's birthday and not only is she celebrating turning turning 54, she is also celebrating the loss of 130 lbs.

Amazing, to say the least! 

She has sworn off of all sweets --- including cake.

So why not crochet a cupcake that can not be eaten, but just enjoyed.

And oh!  I this pattern!

I've tried crocheting a few different cupcake patterns and all I thought was, ehhhhh.

But this one?  I just love how each piece is made separately and joined at the end.  I know that some will scoff at the extra sewing involved, but I am finding my love for sewing too.

This all came together so quickly and so enjoyably.

That IS the key.

I wanted a little bit more stability to the bottom of the cupcake so I put dried kidney beans in the base (with a circle cut out of cardboard placed before the beans were added.)

Then lots of polyfill.

Sewn together and now Lori has a cupcake that she can enjoy for a long time.

just peachy socks

Just peachy socks.

Yarn from here.

Pattern from here.

They are (were??) for my daughter's birthday ... which happened to be March 14.  Okay.  So a month late, but getting these stripes to match up on each sock ?! ... 


a kitty clutch

Our daughter works on a farm with 5 horses & a zillion cats.  The owner loves her kitties like nobody's business.

So when one of those kitties dies, it is truly devastating to her.

And that is exactly what happened.  Tinker died and our daughter wanted to give her employer something to help alleviate the pain.

(this is our cat, Daffy approving the choice of fabric)

So of course, my mind is scrambling ... "what can I make her??!..."

Something from yarn?  Fabric?

Knowing that I needed it yesterday & the for the simple fact that I can sew way faster than I can knit or crochet ~ sewing it is!

A little wallet clutch with applique kitty.

Completely made up from my head ----> read: no pattern.

I love cats & I love how cute this turned out.  And so quickly.

Seriously.  I need to sew more.