just a bit...

...I will be stepping away from my blog.  For just a bit of a break.


tennis, anyone?

Who knew that one could get tennis elbow from something non-related to tennis!?

Well, I did.  Get it, that is.

And it has put me out of commission for many, many loooooong weeks.  And because it's a painful condition from repetitive motions of the wrist & arm ---- let's just guess what motion plays heavily into knitting...or even crocheting?

Yup. Repetitive motions of the wrist & arm.

In spite of all of that (and just let me tell you --- going w/o knitting or crocheting for weeks is one of the most painful things e.v.e.r.!) I did manage to finish these lovely socks from here.

Do I love knitting for the beautiful motion of yarn & needles -- or the vibrant, yummy & gorgeous colors that come out once the project is complete?...


It's a definite toss-up.