just a bit...

...I will be stepping away from my blog.  For just a bit of a break.


tennis, anyone?

Who knew that one could get tennis elbow from something non-related to tennis!?

Well, I did.  Get it, that is.

And it has put me out of commission for many, many loooooong weeks.  And because it's a painful condition from repetitive motions of the wrist & arm ---- let's just guess what motion plays heavily into knitting...or even crocheting?

Yup. Repetitive motions of the wrist & arm.

In spite of all of that (and just let me tell you --- going w/o knitting or crocheting for weeks is one of the most painful things e.v.e.r.!) I did manage to finish these lovely socks from here.

Do I love knitting for the beautiful motion of yarn & needles -- or the vibrant, yummy & gorgeous colors that come out once the project is complete?...


It's a definite toss-up.


red, white & blue bunting

Such a lovely, patriotic pattern for red, white & blue bunting found here.

And yes, I needed to make this.

So simple & so quick.

Using an h hook and leftover yarn from past projects.

Perfect for the 4th.



Oh, lacy things.

(Deep, deep, contented sigh.)

I finally finished tatting this lacy Clover Doily by Jon.

This doily is made up of 3 individual motifs but once tatted together ~ it forms a lacy mosaic that seems so intricate, but is actually oh, so simple.

My obsession with lace has now seeped into socks & knitting.

I just started this Medallion Lace Sock by Andrea Fox.

And this is what I have noticed...

...I am still completely bowled over that socks are magically appearing from my needles.  I stare down at the movement and think ~ is this really me doing this?

Because it's so therapeutic.

So rhythmic.

So soothing.

And so unbelievably beautiful.


horseshoe cable socks

Horseshoe Cable Socks. (Pattern can be found here.)

All finished!

2 of them!

Yes, even I am amazed that both of these are finished.

And what's even better is they are softer than soft.

Yarn is Black Olive by KOLLAGE ~ Sock-A-Licious.

They fit like a glove.

And I'm pretty sure when I put them on, I squealed so loud the neighbors heard.



Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. 
Sir Winston Churchill

It seemed no matter what I attempted I was met with failure.
Any type of stitching.

And my enthusiasm died.

But then I picked up this book for the 1,000,000th time and wondered for the 1,000,001th time if I could possibly make something from all of these beautiful patterns...

I kept coming back to the Horseshoe Cable Socks.  They were more than yummy and way out league as far as what I could attempt.

Heh.  heh.

Until I tried them.


These are easy.  

And so utterly beautiful (and if I have to tip my hat to Tonia who has the greatest technique for knitting these horseshoe cables WITHOUT a cable needle!)

I  couldn't believe it!  These were flying off of my needles!  

No failure.  Just complete, satisfying success.

And so now I once again have something in my hands.  

And I am once again enthusiastic about sticks and yarn.


fairest of them all

My love for crochet started because -- plain & simple -- I wanted to be able to somehow duplicate the delicacy & beauty of a doily.

And I am just head-over-heels, in love with this pattern designer...

Elizabeth Hiddleson

I found one of her patterns in this magazine:
This one is ~ Fairest of Them All.

And this pattern truly is!

The crochet thread is Coral 
Classic 10
by Aunt Lydia's
hook size 7

I read that Elizabeth Hiddleson began designing crochet thread patterns in the '30's and did this in her 'spare time' while working a full-time job & raising 2 children.  She designed over 200 patterns & lived to be 101 years old.  (Her birthday would have been this Thursday, January 31.)

Indeed ~ the fairest of them all.


Miss Lovey

When I was little I made a billion Heart People out of construction paper.  Yes.  A billion.

They hung all over the house and my scissors could not move fast enough to keep up with how many hearts I wanted to adhere together.

Sadly my construction paper days are over, but not my days of dabbling in yarn.

And if you can make Heart People out of paper ~ well...why can't you make them out of yarn?

This is Miss Lovey.

And she was made out of hearts, of course.

This is my most favorite pattern for a crochet heart -- ever.

After making 2 of my most favorite crochet hearts, I stuffed it and edged it with single crochet in white.

Button eyes, embroidered floss mouth, 2 tiny hearts for a barrette & heart-shaped hands & shoes for Miss Lovey.

It took me awhile to figure out how to make the arms & legs.  With paper, I would accordion-fold strips for the arms & legs.  So what to do with crochet?

How 'bout corkscrew arms & legs?

It's been awhile since I have done this stitch but I watched this as a great refresher on how to crochet a spiral/corkscrew.

I think she is lovely. 

♥ ♥ ♥...


a quaint heart

A heart.

For Valentine's Day.

I wanted something quaint & simple and seeing as how I had these gold rings from a crocheted belt that I was going to make...well, how about putting them to use for this?

A simple single crochet around the edge of the ring.

Round 2 is a super easy scalloped edging of ch 5 into every 4th stitch.

Then onto a heart.

The pattern for this I got from Nicky Epstein's book:  crocheting on the edge.

Traced the bottom of a vase & cut out a circle from cardboard and fabric...

...I folded and glued the edges down.  Then glued all of this to the crocheted ring.

Adhered the crocheted heart to the front & found a tiny, antique button in my button tin that was just perfect for this.

Quaint indeed.