a square a day in May -- cont'd

Continuing with 'A square a day in May', I am trying to find as many spare moments as possible to actually crochet a 12 inch square a day.

Not always happening, but nevertheless here they are:

May 6 -- Victorian Dream Square

May 7 -- April's Purple Passion Heart Square

May 8 -- On the Huh 

May 9 -- Falling Star

May 10 -- Framed Flower

May 11 -- Flowery Square

May 12 -- Grandma's Heart Square

May 13 -- Multi-Colour Flower

Back to finding those spare moments..........


a square a day in May

What a fabulous idea ---> a square a day in May!

Crochet one square every day during the month of May ... and oh, my! a beautiful throw or afghan in just 30 simple days.

Here are my squares so far:

May 1 -- Amethyst Square

May 2 -- Kata

May 3 -- Maggie's Square

May 4 -- Bloomin' Granny

May 5 -- Starfire

...and yes, I realize it is already May 7th and I am behind. 

But like Melissa from Hooked on Handmade explains ---> there is no pressure, just some beautiful results that work up quickly.

All of the yarn I am using is I Love This Yarn --- and yes! that yummy Red Heart Monet yarn that I used in my last project

A slight obsessed with that gorgeous color combination, I know.

And on a side note: 

This is a 6th grade boy's idea of cutting himself a brownie..........