This doily pattern is from a book with a copyright of 1949....and just browsing through each page carries me back to a time I wish I could visit. There is such an appreciation and fondness for this type of work, I can only hope to replicate it in this 21st century.
This pattern is called:
The flower itself is so exquisitely beautiful!----the colors take my breath away.

A near and dear person will be receiving this as a gift. She
has such a fondness for this flower and through unfortunate
circumstances (okay, her husband dug them up because they
somehow don't fit in with his idea of the
perfect golf-course-type lawn....ahem!)

And although it isn't the actual flower, I hope that she can sense
the beauty of the flower in this doily.

Having been taught to crochet within the past 10 years, there
are some vintage crochet patterns that are very difficult for me
to decipher. I was pleasantly surprised that this pattern written
almost 60 years ago is easy enough for me to follow.
It is working up quite quickly.

Because there was a whole pile of books that I purchased from this
rummage sale (even a quilting pattern book copyright 1931!) I am
sooooooo excited to browse through them and find other patterns to make.
The thought makes me almost giddy!
[-insert husband 'rolling his eyes' here.-]

thanks to gwen

It is only because of Gwen
that I even attempted this quilt. She, through
her fantastic applique book, was able to dispel any fear that I had
in attempting needle-turn applique.

It is something that I have dearly wanted to do. I oohed and
ahhed over countless examples that I have seen, but there
was no way I could ever do that. ( I am severely lacking in the
'confident sewer' department!)

Her step-by-step approach was so eye-opening for
me that I pretty much just took thrift finds for fabric
pieces; laid them out; traced them; and thus began
a journey that was quite easy and oh, so wonderful!

Being able to easily transport this project from couch-to
in-laws' house-to-dr's. office-to kitchen counter....
well, that was the clincher. It travels so easily.

And it was one of the quickest quilt projects that I have
ever done and there was something sooooo soothing
and relaxing about needle in hand and these beautiful
colors all coming together. And when I look at it on our
wall, I can't believe that I actually made that.

Thanks, Gwen. *sigh*

Our daughter even spied one of our cats lounging on it---
as if it were solely made for cat naps.



Beautiful hues of blue. They were purchased for Aunt
Marilyn in South Dakota. She has spent most of her days
bed-side to her husband. He is facing surgery after
surgery and she has been steadfast in her vigil to him.

She has another love and that is fabrics and quilting. And although she
would balk at the thought of devoting some time to herself,
hopefully this care-package will arrive to alleviate some
of her blues. And chocolate truffles to boot---good golly, that's
sure to bring a smile.

One of most favorite blogs to visit is dutchblue.
I think I hold my breath in awe when I visit her and her
gorgeous pics and projects----my, oh, my! take a look! She
will take your breath away.
She has the cutest idea with a patchwork tote.

So I purchased the $2.47 ( w/ 40% off coupon) bag from
Hobby Lobby and rounded up potential fabrics to make
into the whimsical, patchwork tote.

Half of the fun is picking out the fabric and picturing
what this will all look like when it is done.

I'll post pics of the tote when it is all finished.


when this becomes ------> this

This started out as strips of scraps and even a
thrifted pillow case (fabric strip on left)...
minty green & cotton candy pink.....

and became a carry-all for thread, thimble, scissors, pins and what not.

Now I can easily slip it into my purse and take it
out when waiting at the doctor's office, pep band,
and the countless other places I tend to sit & wait.

heart day

There is something about red & white being placed
side-by-side. Very bold, yet very simple in its
presentation. Maybe the appeal lies with women
of the past who carefully stitched these contrasting
colors into glorious redwork quilts.

Whatever the reason, I love red & white.

And with Valentine's Day soon approaching---what
better time than to make appropriate hand-made
projects that can hang on our wall.

I just love the way it looks. It will probably still
be gracing that same spot come summer...fall....
and maybe, even winter.