yes, you can 'blame' my weekend

Okay. You can 'blame' my weekend because I am going to attempt to do something that I have never been able to do. Ever.
I was surrounded by beautiful things this weekend. A lovely long weekend spent with friends & family --outdoors, with the beauty of vibrant pink begonias & shabby, painted window frames.

....and surrounded by a beautiful pic of the most gorgeous sweater. Which I found here.

In the Fall '09 issue of Interweave Knits.

Huge, huge gulp. Because this issue has so many eye-catching patterns.

And my, oh, my. Then my eyes fell on these:

People actually make these? By hand?

They are Bandelier socks. Yes, more than gorgeous. More than yummy. And drat! they are not crocheted. They are cast on knitting needles.

Something that I can not do.

Or, maybe I can.

Hands down, I believe those Bandelier Socks are more than beautiful & I have yet to see a crochet sock that looks as lovely as those.

So, using some left-over yarn from some frogged crochet socks....

....I have knitted 10 actual rows of my first ever sock.
Yup. Even I can't believe it.

A loooong way to go before I ever knit a Bandelier Sock, but hey-- I gotta start somewhere.


Tzugumi said...

I'm glad you finally decide to make your knitted socks!!! The yarn is really really nice, I like it!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn, came across your blog on Ravelry and I'm so glad to see you are going to give knitted socks a go! So far, they are lovely and you're doing a wonderful job of it!!! Stay with it and I promise, you won't be sorry...and it does get better very quickly! If you get stuck, remember, there is always Youtube.com, which is where I learn some techniques on things too.
Keep up the good work!!!! :=)

Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Dawn,
I think you under estimate your talents. I've seen your work and I know these socks are going to be even better than the picture. Can't wait to see them finished and just in time for the cooler weather coming up!! Good Luck.

Evelyn said...

I am sure, you can. Come on, you can.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I'm so proud of you! There's no turning back now! I know you can do it! Twyla

QuiltedSimple said...

GASP! You're knitting!?!?!? I'm so proud of you - it looks LOVELY!! And yes, there are a few sweaters in that mag that I need....

Meggie said...

I love your sock yarn colours. Good luck with it all!