sock school

Yes, I am going to school. Sock school. And no it's not an actual building, but a place where I am learning, learning, LEARNING.

(I spotted these flowers roadside while my husband & I were out driving)

The class is called Silver's Sock Class and she presents it here with the best directions for knitting a sock. I almost gave up in this endeavor, but after viewing the pics and her outstanding instructions, I. am. actually. knitting. a. sock!
(Okay. Don't look too closely. I may be getting an A for effort, but about a C- in technique. I have purled when I was supposed to knit and I do have some huge holes/gaps where the dpn's are separated when knitting the round. There is room for improvement, but I'm hoping my enthusiasm will smooth any knitting rough edges.)

There is ribbing, a heel (that I actually turned! yippee!) and gusset 1 and gusset 2...

and very soon a toe and a finish.

I love school.


Evelyn said...

Nice job... you get an A. Congratulations.

QuiltedSimple said...

They look LOVELY!!!! You are way braver than I am:)

Paula in OH said...

Great job. Thanks for the site referral. Have wanted to try socks but not sure how. Now I can learn. Paula

Twyla and Lindsey said...

They look great to me! Thanks for the link! Twyla

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Miss jane said...