using up the leftovers

I am using up the leftover fabric scraps from that 'secret' quilt that I made for our tween's birthday next month.

After finding this picture in the recent Keepsake Quilting catalog, I fell in love with the vibrant fabrics set against the rich black background in this Baltimore style quilt.
And since I no longer fear hand-applique-I think I am actually in love with this technique. Why?
#1. It's so doggone easy to lug around--each block can be carried just about anywhere
and there is no sewing machine to worry about
#2. The needleturn technique is so easy I can't believe it--much easier than
scratching my head wondering about the geometric equations of
properly setting certain block configurations. (Even saying that
glazes my eyes over and puts me into catatonic state)
#3. I love the grown-up girl style of coloring without crayons but using instead the
rich, jewel-tone hues of so many endless fabric choices
#4. You can make up your very own patterns for each individual block

Although I do love the rich look of the bright blues against the black I hate that this black fabric is a hair-magnet for every miniscule hair that seems to float throughout my house. I think there's more cat hair woven into each stitch than the actual thread itself.

When finished, maybe I can call this block---Ode to Cat Hair.


Anonymous said...

your fabric choices are beautiful... especially since you just used your left-over scraps.


Cindra said...

I love the bright colors on black also. This looks like it is going to be beautiful. Wish I trusted my hand appliqué as much as you do.