only 36 more to go.......

I wasn't going to post pictures of this forget-me-not doily until I had at least one row of flowers completed, but.....this is becoming so pretty, I just had to post pictures of the progress.

Only 36 more flowers to go!
With winter still being very much in evidence here at our house, well--- we need a bit of spring-time flowers to pique our interest for that soon arriving season of spring.
And although this is still the view of our front yard, the kids are itchin' to forget the whole season of spring--jump start to summer and get the pool uncovered and to soak up the hot sun while swimming.
I think the weatherman is predicting otherwise.
So, for now, it's back to crocheting flowers instead of searching for them in our gardens.


heymom said...

I love your work in progress. I am starting my Spring cleaning to help beat the winter blues. I am tired of the snow, snow, snow. Thanks for the picture, it brightened my day!

Lisa Boyer said...

Hee hee...I literally gasped when I looked at your post this morning and said "ahhhhhhhh!!" Nothing like a beautiful doily to make me swoon. It's SO pretty. It's worth all the separate flowers! You go, girl! It's awesome!

Unknown said...

Wow---beautiful work! It looks really very intricate and time-consuming.

Anonymous said...

the crocheted flowers are so spring like....the blue with the white is very pretty.


Knot Garden said...

That is seriously pretty, and looks like a lot of work! Great job:)