color inspiration for a stocking

I am being inspired by color.
It all started with my sister wanting a new flower for this handbag that I made her.  Her other flower? = droopy.  So she requested anna's fabric flower in colors that would go with her handbag.

So I got my fabrics out and became enamored with the colors --> vivacious pink, coal black & snow white. Seeing the flower completed, I wondered what I could crochet with these same gorgeous colors....

...and came up with a very non-traditional Christmas stocking.

The grannyy square is from:

I laid the blocks out to form a nice stocking shape and btw--- I'm not sure the proper way in adhering the granny squares together before seaming them as a stocking -- but the safety pins worked well.

And although I do not like it when stores etc. cannon-ball straight-away into Christmas and mindlessly ignore Thanksgiving-- I am realistic enough to know that if I don't get started on this stuff now, I'll be running around like a lunatic and trying to get all of my projects done ( read= not a pretty sight.)

Now I have to think of clever ways in finagling my husband into decorating our Christmas tree in this color scheme...

I know that will never happen.


hooked together

The more I say that -- hooked together -- the more I like the layers of meaning it evokes.
The crocheted beauty pictured on the left was given to me by my great-aunt.  I was completely stunned when I unfurled it and saw the hours & hours that she put into it.  And the fact that it is now in my possession -- oh, dear! I can not tell you what it means to me.

And knowing that my lovely great-aunt -- who had her husband, & her daughter who was riddled with cancer & her Downs son taken from her long before she herself was called to her heavenly home -- I am just struck with the beauty of each crocheted stitch she took. Was she pained with thoughts of the loss of her precious ones as she joined these blocks together? Was it a healing process for her to see this come to shape? She lost so much, but gave so much more. 

(...and I complain because the internet is running slow and I have to wait for 3 red lights!??...)

Now that this is in my possession, I am hooked together with her.  And it is a lovely feeling.

I had visions of finishing this -- and I still might.  Because honestly! don't you just love that a simple block when joined can form such a beautiful petal-shaped labor of love.  Ohhhhhh, I  a.d.o.r.e.  that!

So I too want to leave something that may take years for me to complete...

...but nonetheless, something that just might get passed along.
So I started paging through old copies of my MAGIC CROCHET magazines and found this gorgeous Sweet William pattern. 
The block is gorgeous.  Enough said.  But what really struck my fancy about this pattern is that it is so much like the one from my great-aunt.  By itself: pretty.  But when joined together as one, it seems to take on a whole different dimensional quality that is truly fabulous and so, so different from the original block.

Time to start joining these 2 blocks with many, many more to come....