strawberry cupcake with a cherry on top

It is my sister-in-law's birthday and not only is she celebrating turning turning 54, she is also celebrating the loss of 130 lbs.

Amazing, to say the least! 

She has sworn off of all sweets --- including cake.

So why not crochet a cupcake that can not be eaten, but just enjoyed.

And oh!  I this pattern!

I've tried crocheting a few different cupcake patterns and all I thought was, ehhhhh.

But this one?  I just love how each piece is made separately and joined at the end.  I know that some will scoff at the extra sewing involved, but I am finding my love for sewing too.

This all came together so quickly and so enjoyably.

That IS the key.

I wanted a little bit more stability to the bottom of the cupcake so I put dried kidney beans in the base (with a circle cut out of cardboard placed before the beans were added.)

Then lots of polyfill.

Sewn together and now Lori has a cupcake that she can enjoy for a long time.

just peachy socks

Just peachy socks.

Yarn from here.

Pattern from here.

They are (were??) for my daughter's birthday ... which happened to be March 14.  Okay.  So a month late, but getting these stripes to match up on each sock ?! ... 


a chocolate, blue bird coffee cozy

A chocolate, blue bird coffee cozy.

I needed a new coffee cozy for my french press coffee maker.  

So I made a paper template out of scrap paper just by

- holding the paper up to the carafe - 
- measuring it - 
- folding it - 
- penciling it - 
and then simply just cutting out a basic shape to serve as my pattern.

And then ~ I got out my g hook and started crocheting row after row of simple sc until it matched the height of my paper template.  

Notice the little piece I crocheted to the right ... that's where the buttons will go.
Now to dress this up, I figured a cute little cross-stitch pattern would be adorable.

I found this blue bird pattern here.

Using scrap yarn and a tapestry needle I cross-stitched directly onto each 'square' of each single crochet stitch.

Such a perfect combination ...

coffee, crochet & cross-stitch.


the best easter egg pattern

More crocheted Easter eggs.

I have crocheted Easter eggs before.

But I like this pattern better.

Once crocheted -- they are fuller on the bottom and narrower on top.

More like an actual egg.

And so easy! ~ they whip up  f a s t.

Just think.  A 10 minute crochet egg.


easter marshmallow bunnies

Cutest pattern.  Ever!

If you're looking for marshmallow bunnies.

I found it here.


tulip bucket bag

If you remember these granny squares, I was befuddled as to what I found do with them.


How 'bout a bucket bag? 

A tulip bucket bag.

When I saw this pattern for the crochet tulips I knew it had to be part of this bucket bag. 

 I can not tell  you how much I love, LOVE,  L O V E this tulip border!

After joining the granny squares, I started using the same color yarn to add height to this bucket bag with just simple double and crochet rounds.

Then single crocheting a simple cord with white yarn, I threaded it between the tulip stems to form a draw cord.

Now something for the inside.  To stabilize it more. 

I started scrounging thru my scraps of fabric, and laid fabric piece after fabric piece next to the crochet bucket bag.  Settling on the blue gingham & red polka-dot fabric, I fashioned a lining.

(Just a tiny note ---> this is just measure, cut and sew as best as I can.  Please don't ask for a pattern -- because honestly! -- there isn't any.  I just eye-balled it; half-way measured it; closed my eyes; cut; sewed; said many a prayer; and viola...a lining!)

It turned out way cuter than I thought it would.


motif #109

This is motif #109 from a favorite book of mine:

This adorable block involves edc(extended double crochet) and a leaning tower stitch and a partial leaning tower stitch ~which I have never done before~ but! it gives the block a unique, stacked stitch that is really quite easy to do (and nope - I will not share the pattern...Seriously! get this book! It is a must-buy-for-your-crochet-shelf!)

I am just using scraps of yarn & a G hook.

And having learned from past granny square making...

....I am weaving the ends of all those color changes as I finish each block.

Because waiting until the end when you stacks & stacks of blocks ...

Um. Not a good thing.