puffy flowers

I love these.

Truly, truly can't stop looking at them or picking them up for that matter.

The pattern is from Eclectic Gipsyland & she has the most amazing tutorial for making these.

I just can't get over...

 the color

 the vividness  

& of course, the puffiness of each flower.

I think I have the makings for the perfect coffee cosy.

btw --- I am experiencing sort of glitch when trying to post comments on your blogs.  For some reason I am unable to do this & just short of tossing the computer out the window  I am getting some techie-support so I can once again comment on all of your loveliness.



Writing in the sand.  Walking in the sand. 

And of course! the color of sand comes to my mind when I start another doily. 

The hook I am using is a size 7 and the thread is Aunt Lydia's Mushroom Bamboo Crochet Thread  and seriously! -- just about as soft as sand.

So while our kids and Bear romped on the sandy beach of Lake Michigan, my husband & I sat quietly and watched.

And enjoyed the sound of waves, laughter and just plain nothing-ness.

There aren't many times when we can simply enjoy the sound of nothing-ness so when those times do come, we embrace them.

And that truly sums up why enjoy the feel of crochet running through my fingers.  It is that same quietness that can see some amazing results!

The pattern is from an out-of-date Magic Crochet (Oct. 1999 - Number 122) and is called Jumbo Edelweiss.  And it will be a whopping 31 inches when completed!

Oooo.  And this?....

I can barely catch my breath!

I received this from one of the funniest, most thoughtful blogirl-friends I have ever had the pleasure of 'meeting'.  She is Andi from here and I love her for so many reasons....the biggest one?  She believes in my ability to make something out of this most delicious yarn. 

I can't say what.


Only because I would put a gigantic curse on myself  okay, I don't actually believe that! but every time I have attempted this ---> I.have.failed.miserably.

But thanks to the generosity & faith of one fine friend....who knows?  This might actually be do-able.

Even for me.