aran afghan

I want my dream living room to look like this (minus the washer & dryer, of course.) 

l.o.v.e. the color of the walls soooooooo much & when I was at the fabric store recently --- with nary a thought of purchasing any yarn --- I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted this yarn  --> Soft Baby Steps in aqua. 

Why, it is the perfect color of my dream living room!!.... 

So I snatched up enough to do this aran isle throw to match my new dream living room.

I love the texture in these stitches. 

Bobbles, front and back double crochet, skipping stitches and wrapping stitches to enclose stitches = tons of texture.

It's the perfect color & afghan design for when I have my feet up & I'm watching the rest of the family scrape off all of the old paint & rolling on that new aqua paint color in my newly decorated living room....

Now.  Who do you think will be finished first?

Kids + husband painting?


Me crocheting this afghan?



A tatted clover....

...tatted many times over into intricate, lacey medallions ~

~ can become a beautiful piece of threadwork.

The pattern is Clover Mat  by Jon of Tat-a-Renda.

I have only begun this but love knowing that I can stop at just a small doily or maybe a table runner -- or good golly! a bedspread. 

Okay.  Maybe not that huge.

Because with tatting --- it is add-as-you-go, so the project can remain small, or it can be built upon to become a gorgeously, huge piece of work just by how many pieces are tatted to the previous piece.

Love that.

And it is really such a darn shame that no one in this house has any crochet patterns for say...an iPod cosy or something.

Because I spot this when my son walks past me....

Yes.  That is Scotch tape. 

And yes, he has it taped to his shirt.

Like I said --- it's just too bad he doesn't know of anyone that has scads of crochet (or maybe even a few knit) patterns for stuff like this.