so ornamental

These German bell ornaments were gifts that I made for very dear friends & teachers this year.

And although Christmas has already passed, I did want to show you how beautiful they turned out & yes! they are oh, so versatile.

Choosing from the tons of fabric, ribbon and beads available everywhere --- well, goodness, you can personalize these to fit just about anyone. The directions can be found here and although the folding seems complicated, just keep thinking 'folding a paper airplane.....'


crochet christmas

I did indeed finish this Christmas tree skirt in time for Christmas! There were some serious doubts that I could get this done in time for present-opening. And honestly, my hook flew like it has never flown before and I just amazed myself with finishing it.

The pattern if from Country Woman magazine, issue: Nov/Dec 2003. I'm not sure if this issue is still available.

And of course, the cats presume that it was entirely crafted for their napping pleasure....

And many of you asked for the pattern for this aqua doily. It is from Magic Crochet magazine, issue: April 2002. From the buzz on different web pages, I don't think this magazine is available any longer. I have picked up a few at rummage sales and thrift stores.

Lastly, my blogirl-friend, Robyn tagged me. She has a beautiful blog and she is sooooooo full of charm & sweetness! And because I was just recently tagged w/ the same 'game' here are my answers.
And I am tagging all of you who read this!

another bag

The current fashion craze of black nail polish and skull & cross-bones adorning clothing....eeeehhh. Not exactly my thing. Okay, truly not my style, but when our teen asked if I could make another bag for another friend, I made it to her modern specifications.

And then we found this rather cute skull fabric at the fabric store. Actually, not too scary and quite adorable when coupled with the flowery, black fabric.

And the friend -- well, she loooooooooooooved it. Along with the black nail polish that came with the bag.
Yah...well. My desire will still lie in the vintage-y goodness of the fabrics from my grandma's apron & tattered quilts found hidden in an attic.


so much to celebrate

There is so much to celebrate during this holiest of holidays -- and that also involves being neck-deep in wrapping paper, cookie dough, hand-made presents and finding the mate to that boot that seems to disappear as soon as it leaves our son's foot....

....so I will be away for a bit -- but will be back with~

*the resources for the crochet patterns that so many of you have asked for
*pics of a crocheted checkerboard tree skirt
*and I have been tagged by my dear friend, Robyn
Until then--
Merriest Christmas
to all of you.


patchwork crochet

I am making this patchwork crocheted doily out of the most beautiful shade of turquoise thread -- ever! I swear I was grinning all the way to the cash register when I spotted this color in the store. Honestly, it's the small things. And that got me to thinking about how this whole crochet thing started....

It began with a walk through a beautiful store and fingering these gorgeous, vintage doilies. Oh, how I wished I could actually make something like that. Having been told that I could never possibly accomplish something as fancy or delicate as that -- I went on my way with those beautiful doilies still dancing in my mind, but resigning myself into believing that I could never make something so gorgeous.

And then I met Susan. She was one of the 'parents' of a student I had in my 4th grade classroom. And she not only loved doilies too, but she actually made them! What? Are you kidding me?
I was very much pregnant at the time and waddled my way into her living room every school lunch hour. It was there that she patiently showed me how to make those delicate single crochets, double crochets and treble crochets. I was completely taken away with the beauty that was flowing from my #7 steel hook. A doily.

And a few people have questioned my love for doilies, okay - actually rolled their eyes - because it conjures up for them the picture of the aunt that is just-sooooo-not-with-it and *gasp* gave the crocheted toilet paper cover for a wedding gift. But I don't mind the comparison at all -- I love the connection to my aunts & grandmas -- yes, even if my husband does get a kick out of calling me 'Doily Dawn' and swears he is going to include that name in my obituary.
So seriously, if you crochet or knit -- or even sew, who was your inspiration? Who sat you down and showed you how to carry on this beautiful tradition of hand-work?