crochet christmas

I did indeed finish this Christmas tree skirt in time for Christmas! There were some serious doubts that I could get this done in time for present-opening. And honestly, my hook flew like it has never flown before and I just amazed myself with finishing it.

The pattern if from Country Woman magazine, issue: Nov/Dec 2003. I'm not sure if this issue is still available.

And of course, the cats presume that it was entirely crafted for their napping pleasure....

And many of you asked for the pattern for this aqua doily. It is from Magic Crochet magazine, issue: April 2002. From the buzz on different web pages, I don't think this magazine is available any longer. I have picked up a few at rummage sales and thrift stores.

Lastly, my blogirl-friend, Robyn tagged me. She has a beautiful blog and she is sooooooo full of charm & sweetness! And because I was just recently tagged w/ the same 'game' here are my answers.
And I am tagging all of you who read this!


QuiltedSimple said...

Very pretty - love the colors of the tree skirt. I need to learn (again) how to either knit or crochet. Maybe 2009 will be THE year.

Anonymous said...

WOW - Dawn, I absolutely love that tree skirt. It is sooooo pretty!!! I love anything green and red for Christmas, so your tree skirt really "spoke" to me! :)

I love your comment on my blog re: stitching patterns! :) The spring looking quilt will be a small wallhanging with applique blue birds (just to give you insider's info) coming out in the May issue of The Quilter. :)

Wonderful Stitching Wishes to you in the New Year!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Dawn I've never seen a crocheted Christmas tree skirt but I love this one - I never would have thought of doing that! And I continue to be amazed by your purses - perfect for a teenager. blessings, marlene

RG said...

Oooh!! You're making me all goo-ey :p
LoL...thanks you gorgeous girl...Hope your christmas was wonderful and that your New Year is wonderful-er LOL...Ok I did make that up..ha ha
Robyn xx

Twyla and Lindsey said...

What a beautiful family heirloom you have created! Twyla

Dandelion Quilts said...

Look at that wonderful tree skirt. I missed this post. It must have been while I was away.

Unknown said...

Just found this post. This is the prettiest crocheted tree skirt I have ever seen. Your color choices are so beautiful. I must try to find this pattern for next year.

Unknown said...

The vintage granny square caught my eye. I wish you would have put the size of the squares. I am going to try and make a small one for some place mats that I am making. Could you put the size of the squares. When I get finished, no one will believe that it is granny squares. It is beautiful.