marigold brooch

The intensity of the colors in a marigold are bold, vibrant & yes -- intense.
I found those same intense colors in Patons Angora Bamboo yarn. Vibrant colors, but oh, my! what truly took my breath away was the ultra-softness of this yarn.

Soft.  Soft as a kitten.

The pattern for this marigold brooch is actually my crocheted peony brooch from here.

Changing it up a bit -- I made it a different color with no embellishment sewn in the middle & crocheted the leaves instead of making them out of fabric.

The leaves are from Nicky Epstein's book:

Pinned to a garment, I can only imagine how much I would just touch caress, pet .......

Okay.   Basically run my fingers through it non-stop....


Yes, I have a problem.

But it's because I am soooooooh addicted to the yarney goodness that comes from a simple hook & yarn.

Happy birthday, sissie! 

The marigold brooch was made just for her.


cat nap


Oh, to have the life of a cat. Where the only big question of the day is whether to lazily slumber on the couch or the footstool.

The only big question I am facing is whether to continue making 11 more blocks for this Cat & Mouse blanket -- or to just call it a day and finish this block for a pillow.

I got the pattern from this magazine:

....but it can also be found here.

My only misgiving about continuing this as a blanket is the heaviness when done.  If a project weighs more than my refrigerator when finished (and that happens a lot!) I get all frustrated and shove the thing in the back of my closet.  Soft & drapey has to be the end result -- or it will never get used.

Okay. This finished kitty is so adorable (yes, to my husband's horror -- I could easily become that Crazy Cat Lady....) and with the added mouse border that is included with this pattern...
....well, this might just become a blanket instead of the pillow.