trying to keep this a secret

I am trying to keep this project a secret.

It is our tween's b-day next month and she has been hinting on getting her mom to make her a quilt. Because I am new to this whole quilting -thing- I was somewhat reluctant. Then she started to put together her ideas for fabric and suddenly there was desire!

Cutting and putting the fabric strips together.....well, I think I was smiling. Alot. (I used to dabble in painting, but this is so much better.) Maybe it's the tactile experience of actually being able to touch the colors. Move them around. Add a different color. Until the whole thing just seems to speak to you.

I love that you can just take a hunk of fabric...add other pieces of fabric that compliment your choices and this is what you get.

I can not tell you how much I love the whole process of doing this. (Okay. So this is what you all have been talking about for so long. Only I didn't 'get it' because I never attempted an actual quilt-that-you-can-actually-use quilt before.)

And now that I finally "got it", well.....there's going to be no stopping me now!

P.S. Now how in the world do you keep your kids from seeing the project that you are working on?


Jenna said...

Your quilt looks like a lot of fun. To keep it a secret, you need to make your sewing room/space really messy. So messy that she would not be able to make heads or tails of what you are doing. I used this strategy before Christmas with a quilt for my husband and it worked like a charm.

Lisa Boyer said...

Oh...it's so pretty! So bright and happy! And I wouldn't worry so much...kids are pretty oblivious. If Mom's doing it, it must be something boring and not worth noticing...

Knot Garden said...

That quilt is so fun and bright.
I have to say that when I have been trying to hide a quilt in progress, I have packed the whole thing away before people get home and got it all out again when they leave the next day. Probably a waste of time as they wouldn't have noticed anyway!
Lovely photos on your blog. Thanks for your comments on mine:)