new socks for my shoes

Why, what could that be? Could that actually be the sun causing that nice, bright, warm glow coming from the sky? It has been a looooooooong time since we have seen it. I was so happy to feel the warmth of it that I was tempted to get the chaise lounge and set it up right there in the middle of the yard. Who cares if there's still about 12 in. of snow blanketing the lawn?
And just standing out here in just shoes with no socks (and I realize that is the style with our tween and teen) well, it just doesn't work for me.

And because I CAN NOT knit to save my life (believe me! I have attempted this perplexing thing about 1 billion times and to no avail) I am crocheting a pair of socks to match my shoes.
I think I bought the wrong yarn (size 2) and they feel a bit stiff as if they would make a better pair of slippers. So--- I'm not sure shoes will even go on if I am wearing this bulky slipper/sock.
I also finished the first forget-me-not flower for this doily. The pattern is so easy to follow and the flowers almost go on like magic. I never attempted to join this way (whipstitch all the way--that was my motto!) so I love that I can actually get some pretty results.

Time for more sun!

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Lisa Boyer said...

I'm so glad you're making that doily; I have that book and I've always wanted to do that one. Glad to hear the pattern is a good one.

Oh...and I've crocheted socks before, too! Fun. I used a fine yarn that had elastic in it--Cascade Fixation. They turned out great! They were thicker than knitted socks, but thinner than sportweight crocheted socks. And stretchier, too.

And I love your shoes!! So cute.