carry-all tote and look! what the postman brought

This is the carry-all tote (comes with a cloth doll that I have already started) that I am making for our daughter. There is no pattern, I am just following the one that has already been made and given to our other daughter. The doll tucks into the front pocket. What a cute sleeping bag!
She was supposed to have received this gift for Christmas, but because the tote is also supposed to contain many dresses, shirts, pants, undergarments....well, like I said --there is no pattern and I am still scratching my head about how to go about sewing a wardrobe w/o the very much needed pattern in hand.

Her birthday is in July, so I am shooting for that deadline.
(And I must say I am so much more relaxed about having works in progress and starting new projects. Because I am from the age of finish-everything-on-your-plate-before-you-leave-the-table, I have always felt immense guilt for not finishing something. Well, thank-you blogging friends, you have eased my mind because now I know [and AM SO RELIEVED] that you all are just like me. Yes, it's okay to have projects--not done & stuffed into the back closet. Thank you! Blogging hug to all of you that have WIP and you still breathe easy even if those projects are in the double digits.)

Our mailman brought this yesterday (the Apr. issue of AP&Q)--and I must say it is one of the best issues ever! Not only is there the cutest sewing caddy right on the front page, there is a wonderful article (with gorgeous, gorgeous pics) about Joanna, from Fig Tree Quilts.
And take a look at this article:
Piece without Precision----whaaaaaaatt!? Was that written for me, or what?
He also brought this stack of books that I have been waiting in anticipation to receive:

1) QUILTING The Complete Guide by Darlene Zimmerman. She also made the featured quilt on the cover of the latest AP&Q
2) Quilting in the Country by Jane Quinn. This book is so breathtaking!
3) Quilt as Desired by Charlene C. Frable. I bought this book for one reason:
4) chic bags by Marie Enderlen-Debuisson/Caroline Laisne. I have this thing for bags. Okay. A huge thing for bags as is evident by the bags in my closet.


Lisa Boyer said...

The colors of your posts are so pretty! Every post is like a quilt, isn't it? Love the tote; can't wait to hear your book reviews!

Jenna said...

Your doll and tote are adorable. I always have a few projects going at a time. It helps me not get burnt out on an idea. And what a great haul the post brought!