pincushion & pj's

Our teen daughter is taking a fashion design class at school and her first project was to sew a pin cushion...

A chicken pincushion!

I love the simplicity of the design and the chicken design gives it such a whimsical look. It's filled with sand and she's 'pleased as punch' about how well her first project turned out.
They also had to make some pajama bottoms. This was her first attempt at clothing, and man! oh, man! she did such a good job.

She has about 10 other pairs that we have either purchased or gotten as hand-me-downs, and she says these are the most comfortable pair she owns!

Yes, they do have that slept-in look don't they?


Lisa Boyer said...

Your daughter did a beautiful job on the little chicken (so cute!) and the pajama bottoms. I give her an A+. I gotta make me some of those pj bottoms...they look so comfy!

Mary Anne said...

That is the cutest chicken !!!! and what a great job your daughter did on it ....AND the PJ's!!!! (is she available to work in my sweat shot.....um, I mean sewing room .... to finish up that towering pile of UFO's?)

Katie said...
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Katie said...

Thank you SO much for your advice, I deleted the post because i didnt want to waist your time, and you replied. Thank you
I assumed you'd be too busy, but it was really nice of you to take the time to held

thanks again!

Unknown said...

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