Boy, there is just something about adding a border to a quilt to make it look more complete.

Undoubtedly this is a record for me----pieced and put the borders on a quilt in just days. (Ha. Now getting this thing properly backed, batted and quilted....yikes, just the thought of it is scaring the daylights out of me.)

And trying to get a picture that shows the rich colors--------that's proving to be difficult too.

Of course, little-miss-I-must-be-in-every-photo-op Daffodil is musing about the colors too.


Mary Anne said...

WOW !!!!! that's fast !!! I usually drag my feet at every possible step .... I guess I feel if I didn't, I haven't spent enough "quality bonding time" with the quilt, or whatever, I'm working on ..... by the time I'm finished with anything, it has totally over stayed it's welcome!!

Anyhow ----- GREAT quilt!!!

Lisa Boyer said...

Oh, that came out sooo beautiful! I just love that batik border--really pops it!!

Lepetitpoussin said...

je découvre votre blog avec un grand plaisir, tout ce que vous faites est particulièrement joli.
Je craque complètement pour ce plaid en tissu, il est gai et coloré, c'est tout ce que j'aime.
Un grand bravo à vous, votre univers est fantastique.
Excusez-moi de vous écrire en français, mais mon anglais est très mauvais, j'espère que vous arriverez à me comprendre.
Continuez ainsi, je suis sûre que vous inspirez beaucoup de femmes.