flowers, friends & lazy girls

We spotted this flower in our garden this morning on our walk to the end of the driveway to catch the school bus. The vibrancy of such a simple tulip almost stunned me.
Something else that stuns me is how nice all of you are....you ,who comment on my blog or leave emails....(I have to wonder if you are really real...) because I have never met such a wonderful circle of women who truly lift me up and oh, make me smile with the lovely things you 'say'. Your helpfulness in finding a thimble is just the beginning. I say to my husband all of the time that I have formed friendships with women whom I have never even met. How weird is that? *grin* Okay. Not weird at all, but please know that I am oh, so fond of you & you are all so, so appreciated.
I bought this Lazy Angle from Lazy Girl Designs to help with my very limited mathematical un-ability to put a block together without a pattern. This ruler makes the calculations for you and zip, zip, sew, sew and wow! a few stitches and you have a block.

I have no idea what these blocks will become yet. Quilt? Wall-hanging?.....For now I am just fiddling around and trying out so many different angles.


Adrienne said...

I like that Lazy Angle. Think I need one, too. ~Adrienne~

Dandelion Quilts said...

Okay, lots to say here.... First of all, ditto on the friend comment. I am always talking about what my friend Dawn, Mary Anne, Anna said about this or that on my blog. My husband picks on me. Says I have no idea who these people are, etc. Wrong, I say. I enjoy their friendship. He also teases me because when I type to you folks, I tend to talk to the computer, nod my head, laugh, etc. as if I was having a conversation. That makes him really laugh. That said, I know where you are coming from. I do not have 'quilty peeps' as some do (although I have one terrific friend that I talk to about quilts and sometimes hit a shop or two with) and I do not belong to a guild and I MOST definitely don't get to a class very often....so this is almost it when it comes to socialization of the quilting experience. I love it.

Moving on, I like that Lazy Angle...that block turned out neat. Keep showing them off. Glad you shared this neat tool. I will be on the outlook for it.

jacquie said...

Looks like a cool tool. Looks like something I need to have...okay want rather than need! Right back at you on the blog friend thing. It seems a bit weird, but then not. I'm loving the connections I've made and everyone has been nothing but kind and generous. As always...thanks for sharing!!!

Paula said...

Speaking from someone who can't get out much....I'm so glad I have found some great bloggy friends!

I love the fabric you're using for those Lazy Angle blocks. Very cute. Keep working on them and posting...can't wait to see what they turn into.

Anonymous said...

I really agree with you about "blog friends". I never met any of them but they are like old friends of mine for years! Isn't it wonderful?

I like your Lazy Angle. It looks so easy to cut weired shape blocks. I love your bright "springish" fabric!