dishcloth delight

I have many crocheted dishcloths that my grandma has made....

but after seeing this array of dishcloths here & here ......okay, here's another one..... I decided to try and make one.

I have an old LILY pattern book of DISHCLOTHS to CROCHET and found some Sugar 'n Cream cotton thread and made this vibrant blue dishcloth with a crosshatch stitch. Just a simple dc, chain 3 and more dc.

This green dishcloth is a ripple pattern. This seems to be such a popular stitch today. These worked up in probably a 1/2 an hour.....at that rate I can have a full drawer filled with these fun dishcloths.

.....oh, and here is some lovin' from my son. Yes, my 8 yr. old baseball-fanatic-wants-to-fly-jets-races-around-on-his-dirtbike son ate away this pretzel into the shape of a heart.....just for his mom.
Simple moments like these are shaped forever in my heart.


Anonymous said...

Lovely dishcloths...I'm addicted to making these little things. I really like that blue one.

Mar said...

something about blue and green, another friend and I just agreed on that the other nite! Your son is a sweetheart.

Knot Garden said...

What a lovely boy your son is!
The dishcloths look like fun - I should make one for my own kitchen. Much nicer than the ones you buy!

inkberryblue said...

Sweet dishcloths! I like the blue one too. I should crochet some more ~ they're so quick and so much fun to make. =]

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love crocheted dishcloths. Thanks

Caroline White

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