simply friendship

Elizabeth Barrett Browning: What is the secret of your life?
Tell me, that I may make my life beautiful, too.

Charles Kingsley: I had a friend.

This from my friend, Kris, Quilted Simple.

Simply beautiful.

Simply thoughtful.

Simply a quilted gesture from a beautiful friend.
Thank you. Oh. ThAnK yOu!
And what makes this even more special is that I have never met Kris, I have never personally spoken to her, yet -- she has touched me with the gift of a simple friendship.

And -- I have a special request for all of you -- yes, even those who do not leave comments....*grin*

If you do happen to make one of these flowers, please post your pics of your fabric flower here. I would love to see them!


QuiltedSimple said...

You are so welcome - I really enjoyed making this for you. Isn't the blogging world great?

And I will be making flowers for sure - and will happily post the successful ones - hehe.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

What a lovely gesture of friendship. Just shows how much you touch each of us, Dawn. Twyla

meggie said...

What a gorgeous flower! Thankyou for sharing the making.
Hopefully I will also make one.
I have just been catching up on all your lovely posts. A joy to read, & see! xx

Anonymous said...

Love the colors and buttons of that quilt!

saim said...

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