toboggan hat


As a kid I remember the thrill of riding a toboggan down a snowy, slippery hill. The frigid wind would whip right through me. Oh, the warmth of the hat that was pulled way down over my little head.


Fun, fun memories of when I was younger. And now with our middle child -- altho, can you call a 14 yr. girl a child?! -- asks for a warm hat, I wonder when she puts this hat on to slide down a snowy hill, will she too will look upon these moments as fun, fun memories?
So, I run through the crochet patterns that are filed in my head & I immediately picture the Toboggan Hat found here:
Crochet That Fits -- Mary Jane Hall

I dig out scraps of yarn from my stash and pull a vibrant blue that matches her winter coat exactly. And she loves this skein of multi-colored cotton yarn I still have and waaaaaay on the bottom of my gray yarns I find this tiny bit of bulky gray & white yarn for the border. The pattern calls for only one color yarn, but she was very specific about wanting stripes.

So we improvise with multi-weighted/multi-colored yarns.

And her smile said it all.
And when your kid smiles at something you have done -- well that's the making of a very good day.


QuiltedSimple said...

i love this!!! So bright and cheerful, and yes, she will remember the fun years from now!

Evelyn said...

I love that wooden hat. Congratulations. Perhaps you don´t know because you don´t understad Spanish, but in my blog you could read that I am pregnant. This is my first baby, I am so excited. And Happy New Year!!!

RG said...

It's gorgeous Dawn!!
So lovely to see your beautiful work...always so pretty and inspiring!!

Happy New Year my friend :c)
Robyn xx

Nélia Botelho said...

Olá Dawn!

Lindo e de cores com muita alegria.


Anonymous said...

I am sure she will look vibrant and beautiful as she flies down the hill!

Elle said...

Beautiful colors. I love it!

StitchinByTheLake said...

How cute! I love hats - son't often wear one but this past cold spell I was really grateful to have a warm, comfy black/gray tweed to pull on! blessings, marlene

glor said...

The colors are beautiful! I love it as I'm sure she does. Great work.

Mary Jane Hall said...

The colors on this hat are just gorgeous. I love the striping too :)
Mary Jane Hall

Patricia said...

Hola Dawn, bellisimos tus trabajos!!!Hi Dawn, your work is beautiful!!!!

PBF Collection said...

Love this. And I always love the things you make.

Heart of Etna said...

I love this hat, I will copy this idea for a hat for my niece - I hope you don't mind :)