This doily pattern is from a book with a copyright of 1949....and just browsing through each page carries me back to a time I wish I could visit. There is such an appreciation and fondness for this type of work, I can only hope to replicate it in this 21st century.
This pattern is called:
The flower itself is so exquisitely beautiful!----the colors take my breath away.

A near and dear person will be receiving this as a gift. She
has such a fondness for this flower and through unfortunate
circumstances (okay, her husband dug them up because they
somehow don't fit in with his idea of the
perfect golf-course-type lawn....ahem!)

And although it isn't the actual flower, I hope that she can sense
the beauty of the flower in this doily.

Having been taught to crochet within the past 10 years, there
are some vintage crochet patterns that are very difficult for me
to decipher. I was pleasantly surprised that this pattern written
almost 60 years ago is easy enough for me to follow.
It is working up quite quickly.

Because there was a whole pile of books that I purchased from this
rummage sale (even a quilting pattern book copyright 1931!) I am
sooooooo excited to browse through them and find other patterns to make.
The thought makes me almost giddy!
[-insert husband 'rolling his eyes' here.-]

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Lisa Boyer said...

I love your blog!!! I hardly know which post to comment on first--they're all gorgeous, colorful and wonderful! Wow. And the photography...beautiful. Wow again. Okay...you're a daily stop from now on! We love the same things, too--old doily patterns, quilts, needlecases...fun!!!