thanks to gwen

It is only because of Gwen
that I even attempted this quilt. She, through
her fantastic applique book, was able to dispel any fear that I had
in attempting needle-turn applique.

It is something that I have dearly wanted to do. I oohed and
ahhed over countless examples that I have seen, but there
was no way I could ever do that. ( I am severely lacking in the
'confident sewer' department!)

Her step-by-step approach was so eye-opening for
me that I pretty much just took thrift finds for fabric
pieces; laid them out; traced them; and thus began
a journey that was quite easy and oh, so wonderful!

Being able to easily transport this project from couch-to
in-laws' house-to-dr's. office-to kitchen counter....
well, that was the clincher. It travels so easily.

And it was one of the quickest quilt projects that I have
ever done and there was something sooooo soothing
and relaxing about needle in hand and these beautiful
colors all coming together. And when I look at it on our
wall, I can't believe that I actually made that.

Thanks, Gwen. *sigh*

Our daughter even spied one of our cats lounging on it---
as if it were solely made for cat naps.

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