Beautiful hues of blue. They were purchased for Aunt
Marilyn in South Dakota. She has spent most of her days
bed-side to her husband. He is facing surgery after
surgery and she has been steadfast in her vigil to him.

She has another love and that is fabrics and quilting. And although she
would balk at the thought of devoting some time to herself,
hopefully this care-package will arrive to alleviate some
of her blues. And chocolate truffles to boot---good golly, that's
sure to bring a smile.

One of most favorite blogs to visit is dutchblue.
I think I hold my breath in awe when I visit her and her
gorgeous pics and projects----my, oh, my! take a look! She
will take your breath away.
She has the cutest idea with a patchwork tote.

So I purchased the $2.47 ( w/ 40% off coupon) bag from
Hobby Lobby and rounded up potential fabrics to make
into the whimsical, patchwork tote.

Half of the fun is picking out the fabric and picturing
what this will all look like when it is done.

I'll post pics of the tote when it is all finished.


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