bamboo + balm = beret


Relief in the form of a knitted beret.

Using this delicious pattern:  a fetching ladies beret 

And this yarn:  Petal Effervesce Yarn

I knit this.

I  K N I T  this.    

Y E S.   K  N  I  T    I  T!  

With nary a complaint!  

Thanks to bamboo needles (which I must hold differently than other needles) & applying a thin layer of this soothing balm to my offending elbow.

It has helped!

And now my daughter has a much-wanted, fetching ladies beret.


Ljubinka said...

Beautiful beret!!!
Greetings,good luck!

Jane S. said...

I too prefer bamboo needles. They have a degree of flex that metal needles just don't have, and it seems to be gentler on my hands.

What a lovely beret! :)

Anna said...

= perfect beret !!!!!
Have a beautiful day !

Jeanne said...

Beautiful beret! Yay!!! I'm so happy for you that you were able to knit this project! It must have felt sooo good to be able to do so. Thanks for the tip about Icy-Hot. I will have to buy myself a jug and use it when my elbow acts up. Love the color and the design of the beret. Happy Valentine's Day!!

Andi said...

Look at your beautiful knit! I am with you bamboo needles are my go to when I need a little something easier on my wrists.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh it's beautiful!

So sorry you are having to use the Icy-Hot, but glad it does help...the things we do for love! :)

Blessings always

Pradeepa said...

Lovely beret!

Marilyn said...

it is indeed very fetching and fabulous that you were able to make it. glad the pain is eased...I have a pain if I don't hook or needle...weird, very, very, weird. :)