the tale of 2 dolls

This is doll #1 that I started knitting eons ago.  Read -->long before Christmas.

The pattern is from this book that I found while scrounging at the thrift store.

So cute & so scrappy !  I couldn't wait to get it done and have it sitting on the shelf in the living room looking all festive & lovely during the Christmas season.

There was a just a bit of a teeny problem.

The obvious of course is that Christmas has already come & gone and look! this doll still has no arms attached and is totally faceless.  And doggone it! I am so close to being done.  But I am trying to come to grips with the very real, very cold reality I may never get to finish this doll.


Scroll back a few stories and I was being very witty about playing tennis.  Not real tennis of course, but I was injecting humor in my very catastrophic inability to knit or crochet because of 'tennis elbow'.  (And please also note ----> I am feeling extremely foolish for being so whiny about this.  I mean!  Seriously!  I know that there are people out there having to deal with waaaaay more serious stuff than this...)

So my bag of knitting sits next to me all silent.  And I wonder if I will ever be able to knit or crochet again.  The possibility stuns me.  Really?  It can't be!  And take it back out & knit a few stitches only to shove it back into the bag because my. elbow. hurts. way. too. much.

What's left?

Feel sorry for myself?  Tried that and my kids & husband were ready to throw my out on my backside.  Seriously, Mom?  It's just knitting! (Plus that gets real old, real fast.)

I started paging through this same COUNTRY DOLLS book and there are lots of cute patterns...oh, look! a pattern to sew a doll...using scraps of fabric and my sewing machine.

Well, it HAS been a bazillion years since I did anything like that...

...but here she is.  Doll #2

I must say, I had forgotten what a treasure it is to sew.  And when she came out looking like this?

...I knew that all is not lost.


A. Luna said...

Hi Dawn ....long time no visit .....nice and cute doll...I like it very much.Love your book.You can find good things in the thrift store...long time I don't visit one.Just working and working....and now wishing you a Lovely and blessed Sunday !

Pradeepa said...

Dawn, it is really nice to have you back again here. Your doll is gorgeous. I really love her dress. She is so pretty. I can understand how you must have felt without being able to crochet or knit. I too have gone through similar problems, but, yes, all is not lost.

Jeanne said...

Oh Dawn! I smiled when I saw that you have posted again. I've missed your sweet blog posts. I'm so sorry to hear that your elbow is still bothering you. That's definitely sad and I do hope it will get better for you. Then I saw your sewn doll. Woweee! How beautiful!! You've done and outstanding job on her. I'm so very impressed. And happy for you that you have found a creative outlet while your elbow heals. Thanks so much for sharing!

Anna said...

So cute doll !
Nice post...I smile whem I read :my bag sits next to me all silent... but watching you, I bet !
Have a nice week !

ljubinka said...

Very cute doll!!
Good luck!

ZeppOn said...

Just Supper!!!, This lips and eyes, sweet!
Best regards.

Donna said...

So glad to have you back. I have missed your beautiful posts. The doll is charming and I am happy you found an additional outlet for your creativity. I am so sorry about your "tennis elbow". It must be so hard to not be able to do something you love so much and are so good at doing. Hopefully healing will come. Thanks so much for sharing your talents and for your beautiful outlook. Wishing you well.

Marilyn said...

I want one. just like this one. she's so lovely. well done YOU!!!