quilter's block

I know writers can experience 'writer's block'...

Writer's block is a phenomenon involving temporary loss of ability to begin or continue writing. ....but can quilters experience the same thing? Only it would be aptly called--'quilter's block'?
Regardless if there is such a phenomena---->I. know. I. have. it.
This is the next block of my Family Quilt and I am stuck. Stuck in not being able to move forward at all with this thing.
And I love cardinals and we have 'mom & dad' cardinals that live in our pine trees and they just seem to bless the very air with their melodic song. And it was because of that that I wanted this block to depict this feathered beauty. So maybe it's because he almost came out looking like a tough mascot for some thick-shouldered collegiate football team....I'm not sure. And maybe I need to just set it aside for now and come back to it later.

But whatever the case, this quilt is at a complete standstill. Ugh! Please tell me that you all experience this brief (please. let this be brief!) lapse in being able to readily complete some sort of quilting project that you have started. And that you do come back to it.
So as to not totally be sitting here with nothing to do (and to soothe that worrisome, little sing-song voice inside my head 'oh, no, why this total block in initiative?') I am bidding my time with making some crocheted hairpin lace.

And hoping that I get enlightened once again and can sit with needle & thread in hand to do more hand-applique on my quilt.


Suzy said...

Poor Dawn. I think quilter's block happens to us all at one time or another.

L-O-V-E the cardinal quilt. Cardinals are my favorite bird (hmmmm...maybe because they're RED?) LOL!

Love the crocheted hairpin lace too! What a vibrant purple! Yummy!

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh how I feel for you - yes, there is Quilter's Block - at least I know I've run into it.

But, I do love the cardinal - he looks great just as he is.

And the crochet lace - how do you do it - it's beautiful!

jacquie said...

This happens to me too. It's not a fun place to be. Then I get in the opposite too with so many ideas running through my head that i get a bit paralyzed that way too. This too shall pass!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thanks for visiting Barbie Wednesday! Let me tell you though that the inside of that particular Barbie case smells pretty musty! :) I know what you mean! Some smell good!

Sally said...

Quilter's Block is indeed real...I've had it and other have too. This will pass, Dawn! Love, Love, LOVE the cardinal block...It's perfect just as it is.

I don't crochet but I certainly can appreciate those who do...beautiful work!

Dandelion Quilts said...

Just put it away out of sight for a while. That is what I do. Then some day when you are digging for something else, something will hit you. I examined it, and I think it looks GREAT.

I love that vibrant color you chose. :) Quite cool.

Dandelion Quilts said...

When did you change your blog's header? I LOVE IT.

Cara said...

Hey Dawn!
Thanks for coming by the other day and your lovely comment! The Dear Jane quilt is really not as bad as I thought as I got the software- it has patterns in it (unlike the book) which makes the undertaking 10 times better! You can also enlarge them instead of using the 4.5 inch blocks.
As for quilters block- been there, and rest assured- it does go away. I usually put it away and will work on something else and eventually I find it just pops into my head what to do and I am back at it. BTW love the block- your cardinal is beautiful and looks like the real thing! I can practical see the family in your yard now.

Knot Garden said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with your cardinal. To me he looks beautifully done and just the way he should!
Everyone experiences "quilter's block". With me it can be the summer heat or any kind of anxiety that puts me off thinking creatively. I often think I need time to myself and a quiet house to get anything done. Sometimes you can be too close to a project for too long, and you just need some time away from it for a while. Then when you come back to it you will see it differently.

SewAmy said...

I am sorry about the quilters block. IT is a real thing. Like someone else said, you just put it away for awhile. Love the cardinal.

Cathie said...

Is it just me? Isn't anyone else giggling--just a lil bit?--over that pun? Quilter's BLOCK? *grins* Or maybe I'm just a newbie and it's been punned to death already... sorry... *sheepish giggle*

{{{{{{{{{{{{Dawn}}}}}}}}}}} Yanno what darlin, I have this thing that happens when I'm drawing, and it NEVER seems to fail... three quarters of the way through I think "it's awful, it's ruined, I'm no good, why did I EVER think I could DO this!!" etc etc... and that's the point when I have to NOT give up.

I learned it in art class, when I consistently hit the 3/4 point too late to start over because my projects were due the next day... and I suspect maybe that's why we had so many projects and such short due dates, lol, so that we would *have* to finish them.

Anyhow, what I learned is never give up at the 3/4 point, which is where I think your cardinal might be, yes? It WILL come together, it honestly will. Take a break if you need to, start another block if you need to--but leave that cardinal as is for a couple days at least, until you have some perspective.

When you're not on a deadline, you can deliberately put something away in a drawer somewhere for a week, and then look at it again. If it still bugs you, then change it--or do a giveaway, lol, since so many of us (including me!) thought "wow, that's great!" when we first saw it *eyebrow waggle*--but anyway, I'm willing to bet that you'll see it differently when you let it sit and DON'T let yourself look at it for a week.

If you can last a week. I never can, lol.

Best to you and whooo that lace is a pretty purple,

meggie said...

I certainly get quilters block from time to time. Sometimes it is from 'overload'. I get so many ideas, I just can't settle on what to make.
I love your little cardinal! I wish I could see & hear one, but that looks lovely to me.
Your crochet is lovely too!

Unknown said...

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