it's time to confess

I have a confession to make. 

Well, two actually.

First one:
I hate making crochet cables can't make crochet cables.  Let me give you an example of a pattern for crocheting cables:

Directions for cross cable row:
(for a six stitches wide cable) skip next 3 sts,
 tr ps around each of next 3 sts;
working behind last 3 sts, fold last 3 sts forward,
 tr ps around each of 3 skipped sts.

No, I have no idea what that means.

And that is a huge problem when asked to crochet cables in this.  

So this is my dilemma: 
Frog my aran afghan? 
Watch every online tutorial for mastering crochet cables? 
Pull out my hair? 
Admit defeat?...

...or how 'bout trying a knitted cable?

Finding Redheart's pattern for a knitted cabled throw & throwing caution to the wind, I started to knit cables.

Yes. Knit. A. Cable.


Wow.  Just let me say, comparatively speaking:  a knitted cable is much, much, MUCH easier to do than a crocheted cable.  And for someone who has struggled with knitting (me) I am amazed at how easily this is just flowing off of my needles.

Now for confession #2:
This is a before & after photo of my yarn.  I am ashamed to admit that I stashed my yarn in a rubber tub.  A huge 'no-no', I know.  Completely inexcusable, I admit.

           before                                       after

But then I started seeing paper towel tubes used as nostepinnes for achieving centered pulled skeins of yarn. (btw -- I could do a whole post on the simplicity & beauty of these wooden treasures, but a paper towel tube was much easier to come by.  But rest assured -- I have dropped subtle hints to kids & husband that I would love to have one/more of these handcrafted lovelies in my possession.)  I then proceeded to take every messy skein in my rubber tub & carefully wrap each one into a centered pulled skein of yarn.

A centered pulled skein of yarn is neat, orderly & so lovely to look at!


Sally said...

Dawn, your knitting is stunning! Those cables really pop....good job! I have never used a nostpene...I've always used a ballwinder for center pull balls. I like the idea of using the paper towel core because that can be found almost anywhere - even when I'm on vacation and need to wind some yarn. Once again, Dawn...your knitting is really beautiful.

Jenelle W. said...

That is absolutely beautiful! I've tried MANY times to teach myself to knit and it just frustrates me every time, maybe someday I'll get it... But crochet makes so much more sense to my brain! And the cables aren't easy to understand at first, but I feel like they flow once you stumble through a few rows, I'd suggest watching a few videos online to see if one speaks to you. You're so talented that I know if you learned one version you could easily translate it to your pattern :)

Tudy said...

Job well done. I have not knitted cables for many years but I do not remember them being too hard back then.

needlekrafter said...

I hope that you don't frog it, as much as I love your knitted cables! I think that all the directions mean is this: you skip three stitches, then do three treble stitches around the post of those stitches and the go back to the three missed stitches and then do a treble stitch around the posts, holding the cable forward... does that help at all?

Stine Hoelgaard Johansen said...


I have never tryed to make af chrocet cabel, did't know it was posibel:)
Now I know!
But knit cabels are very easy, so keep on working:))

Have a nice sunday, stine

opportunityknits said...

You blue cables are looking lovely, I'm sure it's going to be a gorgeous throw!

Tanya said...

I disagree about cables, but I find knitting sooooo difficult.

Once you crack post stitches you can crochet cables no problemo!!

Nana said...

I love confessions, especially when they are as cute as yours.


Gingini said...

Those cables looking good! Just don't frog!
Thank you very much for that great yarnwinding tip!! I love it! :)

erdbeerdiamant said...

Dawn!! This is ... I have no words. Amazing, you just started and it look soooooo fine!!!
Ahhhh I had that problem with yarn before an was ashamed of myself. It definitely feels much better to keep the stash orderly :)
Thanks for the hint with the paper towel tube. I'll have a try on that :)))

Nettan said...

It all looks so wonderful, both the colour and the pattern! I used to knit, now I crochet and I think crochet is a lot mor fun for some reason!?! Although... crocheted cross cables I've never ever tried before. But your work looks so good I have to give it a go!
Found this page: http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa062798.htm
and I think I will have to watch a video or two as well before I fully understand =)
Thank you so much for inspiring - again!!

Marilyn said...

there you go again, Miss Debbie full of doubt...all that means is that you work into the second group of stitches first and then go back and work the first lot...the stitches have to "cross" over each other...OR they're just another bunch o'stitches hangin' out together...but, if it got you knitting again...well... that was the whole plan you know...to get you knitting again...and what a wonderful job you are doing...it's gorgeous girl!!!!
but you must hurry...remember, you have to finish the blanket before they get the painting done...

Marilyn said...

um...who's Debbie?

Anna said...

Love the way to do cute yarn...
Have a fun week.
Thanks for the visit.

Andi said...

Look at those beautiful blue cables. Love them! I like that pattern alot. I may have to copy you. Love seeing you on the dark side (knitting).

sue said...

I know what you mean about crochet patterns, it's like you read it and then read it again and WHAT! Total gobbledegook. Knitting cables are much more straightforward I can do them and I'm rubbish at knitting!

annemarie said...

Your knitting is beautiful. I dream of being able to knit cables but I am only a basic knitter. I have crocheted all my life but have not tried cables - need to put that on my list. I must confess I store my yarn in a plastic container - I hate to sound stupid but how do you wind the yarn on the cardboard tube. If I don't ask, I will never know! It looks so neat and I am always fighting with my yarn and the tangles that always follow!

annemarie said...

Curiosity got me and just found a good article on rolling a yarn ball with a cardboard tube. Where have I been that I have never seen this before????? Now I have to give it a try.

Stitch.Knit said...

Your cables look lovely. I too, think crocheted cables aren't worth the acrobatics it takes to achieve them.
Knitted cables look complicated, but wow, fun AND easy to accomplish.

sewa elf said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Marifetane hobi said...

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Maribel said...

Hey there! wow for someone who has trouble with knitting, those are some pretty awesome cables! and what a good idea with the paper towel tubes! I'm a new follower, I'm also a crocheter and I love looking at all your patterns. I might even try some!

Amy @ Heritage Homemaker said...

I remember my ex-mother in law saying that knitting cables was much easier than crocheting cables. Guess she did know something after all. LOL

I have a ball-winder, never thought to use a paper towel tube, great idea!