Writing in the sand.  Walking in the sand. 

And of course! the color of sand comes to my mind when I start another doily. 

The hook I am using is a size 7 and the thread is Aunt Lydia's Mushroom Bamboo Crochet Thread  and seriously! -- just about as soft as sand.

So while our kids and Bear romped on the sandy beach of Lake Michigan, my husband & I sat quietly and watched.

And enjoyed the sound of waves, laughter and just plain nothing-ness.

There aren't many times when we can simply enjoy the sound of nothing-ness so when those times do come, we embrace them.

And that truly sums up why enjoy the feel of crochet running through my fingers.  It is that same quietness that can see some amazing results!

The pattern is from an out-of-date Magic Crochet (Oct. 1999 - Number 122) and is called Jumbo Edelweiss.  And it will be a whopping 31 inches when completed!

Oooo.  And this?....

I can barely catch my breath!

I received this from one of the funniest, most thoughtful blogirl-friends I have ever had the pleasure of 'meeting'.  She is Andi from here and I love her for so many reasons....the biggest one?  She believes in my ability to make something out of this most delicious yarn. 

I can't say what.


Only because I would put a gigantic curse on myself  okay, I don't actually believe that! but every time I have attempted this ---> I.have.failed.miserably.

But thanks to the generosity & faith of one fine friend....who knows?  This might actually be do-able.

Even for me.


erdbeerdiamant said...

What a beautiful work! Thanks for stopping by now and then . I blush everytime you find a minute to visit my blog and leave a comment :))))

Have a great day! I am about to go to sleep right now ;))

Grateful4Crochet said...

Your work is amazing!!! So delicate and intricate. And your day at the beach just looks beautiful

Melissa said...

your blog makes me want to make more doilies! i love them!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Dawn ! And thank you for this stroll on the beach.

Aisyah Helga said...

Oh! I love your new doily, Dawn! Your stitches are so neat! And I love your new yarns..great color! Wondering what you'll make with them..

glor said...

Ohhhh, I have fond memories of nothingness on the beach with the waves beating the sand and watching the sandpipers run to and fro. Your crocheting is amazing. Such beautiful doilies. I am addicted to doiles. Thanks for such wonderful delights.

Everlasting said...

Nice doily with a lovely color!
Maybe it is time to begin knitting socks?

Sonia Araújo said...

Hello dear!!!
The washcloth was wonderful! Congratulations!!!
Good week!!!
Kisses from Brazil

Ana BC de Lanas & Hilos said...

The doily is coming out nicely. I wish I could feel the softness of the thread. No chance of buying it here (Guatemala), so my imagination will have to do.
I enjoy your posts every time. Keep the good work!

Pradeepa said...

The doily is coming out beautifully. Your work is very neat and perfect. I wish I could do mine as neatly as yours.

Unknown said...

fantastically beautiful!

Anna said...

I specially love doilies and you make my day !

Petunia Pill said...

Gorgeous work! Doilies always intimidate me! I don't know if I'd have the patience...but I SOOOO admire those who DO have the patience. I have a friend that made many and they grace many of the tabletops in my home...I stop and admire them regularly. Hugs, Annette

Andi said...

Gah...that is gorgeous! What do you expect when you create such beautiful things? Of course we will shower you with gifts. :)

Marilyn said...

how can you even think that you can't make something, with that, up there...the doilies you have made recently have been perfection itself...I am slowly finding my teeny tiny hooks and have plans to attempt a doily once again...because I want what you have!!!! :) :)

Yarny Days said...

That is just incredible! You do beautiful work.

Amy @ Heritage Homemaker said...

I just bought this issue on eBay to make this! So pretty!